Digital Marketing Tutorial – How To Improve Your Campaigns ROI – Part 1 of 2

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Digital marketing campaigns when properly designed and managed lead to increased brand awareness, better quality leads, and more sales.

That’s why in part 1 of this two part series I’ve listed 7 strategies to dramatically increase your digital marketing campaigns effectiveness and return on investment.

1. Understand changing media consumption. I’ve found that this is the single most important element in designed and executing a high performing digital marketing campaign.

Are you aware of exactly how your target market is consuming their information?

No other strategy or tactic will matter if you’re barking up the wrong tree. The message simply doesn’t matter if it isn’t being heard by your target market.

2. Consumer Behavior. It’s important to design your digital marketing campaign around proven customer behaviour patterns and decision making criteria.

While many factors are different in the online arena, the human brain is the same, and as Jeff Walker puts it, so are the mental triggers that create action. Be sure to incorporate at least one of the following (and ideally more) into every digital marketing campaign you run:

Authority, reciprocity, trust, anticipation, likeability, events and rituals, community, scarcity, and social proof.

3. Facts Sell. While storytelling is an integral part of most marketing campaigns (and is often touted as the be all and end all) at the end of the day facts and statistics can often perform better in regards to proving expertise, and increasing conversions.

Leverage and test both factual and emotional advertising in your marketing campaigns, and try to find a way to use relevant and authoritative references.

4. Images Are 80%. The success or failure of your digital marketing campaign largely comes down to the images you decide to use. The most important tip in choosing an image is first making sure it catches your prospects attention, and next making sure it’s relevant.

Irrelevant ads may get clicks, but they rarely get conversions. Stock images can also be effective, but they are most effective when customized and optimized for your audience.

5. Split Testing. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is the ability to test one campaign against another in order to quickly cut lower performing ads, and scale up higher performing ones.

Split testing should be done in stages, starting with your images, followed by your headline, and finally your body copywriting. The end result is a higher performing and more cost effective ad.

6. Respect Attention Spans. Attention spans have been getting shorter year after year, and nowhere is this more evident than online. This isn’t a bad thing however, as the odds are good that your competitors are failing to recognize and capitalize on this, which leaves the door open for you to create eye-catching and engaging ads.

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