Facebook Marketing Tutorial Course in HIndi | Digital Marketing by Viral Jadhav

In this video, you will learn about implementing Facebook Re marketing Pixel on your website.
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Clickmax Online Marketing / Play2Earn

how to click ads or play video in Clickmax Online Marketing / Play2Earn

Leaders Meeting Update January 12, 2019


1. Jan. 13, Encoding of Company 01 Leaders.

2. Jan. 14, 1st Wave of Encoding of members.

3. Current location ng ating office ay Fairview, soon mag-open ang office sa Quezon City.

4. SEC permit will be released before the end of January. All set and reserve na yan. After that, International permits will follow. (Singapore and Hongkong)

5. Official Video Presentation, Last week of January.

6. By March, ilalabas ang sariling ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ng Company. Project already paid in Singapore worth 8M.

7. By Tuesday or Wednesday, ipapakilala ang President. Background Profile and FB account.

Ongoing company INCENTIVES:
• 100 pairs = SAMSUNG J7 PRO

To follow ang HOUSE AND LOT.


Video Ads viewing schedule: Monday to Friday only
Every Friday ang Request Encashment.
Receive ang Payout the next Friday. (1 week process)
Note: Pwede mo lang ma-encash ang earnings mo sa video viewing kung buong 2500 na.
So kailangan natapos mo muna ang video watch mo.

Binary, Extreme Left & Extreme Right (International Style)
Once na mag encode ka ng directs mo, pipili ka lang either left or right.
Then ma-auto spill siya sa pinaka ilalim ng linya.

Request ka today ng payout, either today mo ma-receive or kinabukasan.
Minimum Binary Payout: P2500

Hasrate Mining Income:
Each account may 1% Mining Hashrate ka.
Inshort, per account meron kang passive na P15 (1%) per day per account.
Pwede mo ito i-encash every 100 days.
1% = P15
P15 x 365 days = P5475 passive income/account

• Bank: BDO, East West (Other banks, to follow)
• Coins.PH
• Remittances (Palawan)

Company online Store:
• You can purchase any products available.
• You may also use your tokens to buys products.
Sample Products:
• Activation Codes
• Hash Rates
• Food Carts
• Furnitures
• Shoes
• Food Supliments
• Beauty Products
• Etc.

Official Company Road Map will be launched soon.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”
– Vince Lombardi
“The triumph of anything is a matter of organization.”
– Kurt Vonneut

Online Marketing For Local Business

In this video, we are trying to understand the impact of the internet to market any kind of business, which might be a local business or a brick and mortar business. How the internet is shaping the marketing strategy and how much we can measure our efforts are the points of discussion in this video.

There are mainly two kinds of medium – the traditional medium and online medium. The Traditional medium includes newspapers, T.V, radio, etc., while the online medium includes email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and paid advertising (SEM). Both are very successful marketing approaches and can be used to reach the target audience. But the question here is how much we can measure our efforts in both the scenario.

In case of the traditional medium, the audience is reaching the actual place of business which in case of online advertising is reaching the website. The basic difference in both types lies in measurability. In case of online marketing, it is possible to track the channel (through Google Analytics) which is driving traffic to website or most importantly which channel is bringing revenue to our business. This is not possible in case of traditional medium. Here lies the importance of online marketing for business.

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Freedom Project Live Ep. 40 – Online Marketing Success Tips – Case Study Day 4

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Freedom Project Live Ep. 40 – Online Marketing Success Tips – Case Study Day 4

During this episode of Freedom Project Live I share online marketing success tips with you and exactly what I’m doing to grow my business. In an effort to inspire more people and show them how simple it is to earn income online I’ve decided to share with you what I do to get the results I get.

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Freedom Project Live Ep. 40 – Online Marketing Success Tips – Case Study Day 4

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Cold Traffic Results and Step By Step Training

How To Increase Your Facebook Engagement & Make Sales Daily

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Play2Earn/Clickmax Online Marketing

Play2Earn/Clickmax Online Marketing

– Play a 1 minute video advertisement and you will be paid for $5 or php 52.00

– 2 video per day so that would be $10 or php 104.00

– Note: you can play all ten(10) advertisement in one day but only 2 will be paid.

-The accumulated amount is stored in your play2earn account as you can see on the video.

– You can request for encashment after you completed the 5 day of watching video advertisements(two(2) video ads per day and when you have $50 on your account.

– Encashment can be done through REMITTANCE, BANK DEPOSIT or BTC TRANSFER

– You can also convert it to CODES(Activation Code and Serial) use for adding another account.