What is SEO| Introduction to SEO and Digital Marketing| How Online Marketing works

Hello everyone,

This is my first video on my youtube channel and is about SEO and Digital Marketing.

These skills have recently gone huge advancements in recent years and have come among the most desirable skills to learn in 2019 and for future.

Here is a fresh material for you, a place where you can learn the concepts SEO and DigitalMarketing from Basis to Advance level.

We will also be going to launch many other variety of courses for free.

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¿Qué es el Marketing? Definición, cómo funciona y claves

El marketing es nuestra pasión y no paramos de hablar sobre él… ¿pero realmente QUÉ ES el marketing? Te contamos la definición, cómo funciona, las 4 pes del marketing, qué diferencia hay con la publicidad. MÁS 👉 http://bit.ly/cybMarketing // TIPOS de Marketing ▶️ http://bit.ly/cybtiposmkt

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Mobile Marketing Best Practices – Online Marketing Tips 2019 | Tappable

Mobile Marketing Best Practices – Online Marketing Tips 2019 | Tappable

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Worldwide, more than 52% of users access the internet from a mobile device. This has huge implications on the way we consume content because we don’t use our smartphone the way we use our desktop. In order to make sure your audience engages with your content on their mobile device, you need to make sure you follow mobile marketing best practices. Without doing so, your online marketing will not be as effective.

Over the last few years, stories have brought about the largest shift in digital consumer behavior. Why is this? Well, consumers have less time and have a shorter attention span. In order to reach consumers, your content has to provide information within the first few seconds, which can only be done by combining video or images with text in a clever fashion. Your content has to be snackable, natural, and non-intrusive.

A number of large brands were the first to notice the value of stories. Brands such as Airbnb and Netflix have been using stories for just over a year as of 2019, and they are seeing great results. The biggest issue, however, that these big brands have been running into is, which platform should they be publishing their stories on? This is why AMP stories are so powerful, as they are available on the open web and aren’t confined to a specific platform.

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Online Marketing Nepal Easy1Up Company by dhan bahadursinjali

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Digital marketing, and online marketing to relate all knowledge available my YouTube channel#

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Online marketing voor beginners (2019)

Heel veel mensen denken dat online marketing enorm ingewikkeld is, maar niets is minder waar. Het is namelijk best eenvoudig als je weet hoe het werkt. Dat is dan ook precies de reden dat ik deze video maak.

In deze video geef ik een uitleg over de basis van online marketing. Want wat is online marketing? En hoe werkt online marketing? Deze vragen en meer beantwoord ik in deze video. Na afloop zal je merken dat online marketing helemaal niet zo ingewikkeld is als je misschien dacht. 🙂



In deze video vertel ik dat SEO een goede onbetaalde strategie is. Wil je weten wat SEO is? En hoe het werkt? Check dan deze video:



Wist je dat ik een gratis SEO cursus heb? Alle informatie kun je hier vinden: https://anoukbroer.nl/groeien-door-go…



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