Best marketing strategy ever! Steve Jobs Think different / Crazy ones speech (with real subtitles)

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online marketing sales courses

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How to Create Online Marketing Funnel With Gmail Sponsored Ads

Watch as I build a full marketing funnel. Landing page, conversion page, conversion pixels and then create Gmail ads to drive the traffic.
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2:04 – Who owns our usernames? Us or the app? What happens if the app came around today and said that they are charging for your username? Would you pay to keep it?
5:31 – If you’re trying to establish a legal firm, real estate sales team, a management consultant practice, are you better suited marketing your brand and your new company or focusing on the people with the skills who can bring value to your clients? Market the firm or the person?
7:13 – Is Twitter making a comeback with their recent addition of GIFs?
8:15 – How do we grow our Snapchat followers?


Jace Vernon was raised in a small farm town in Utah, where his parents, gave him an excellent start in life. He learned to work in the mink ranch at a young age and acquired a lot of great skills. At 19, he served a mission in El Salvador where he learned about sowing and reaping. A skill which would prove to be very valuable.

Fresh out of college he started his first business. Which grew into a multi-million dollar company. Mistakes were made and eventually it all ended in disaster. His philosophy needed to change.

The Next year he read 150 business books which gave him the knowledge to start other ventures. Now he runs and operates 2 other companies, Ydraw, one of the world’s hottest explainer video companies, and Yinc, one of the fastest growing Video Marketing Agencies.

Jace loves to help others grow their business and is always happy to help.

If you need a speaker, trainer or consultant contact us.

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Prosperity Marketing Club – Make Money Mailing Postcards Make Money Mailing Flyers 2018

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Prosperity Marketing Club – Make Money Mailing Postcards Make Money Mailing Flyers 2018

The great thing about Prosperity Maketing Club (formally known as Prosperity Mailer Club) is it’s a “hybrid” system. That means you can make money offline by mailing a flyer or mailing a postcard. At the same time, it means you can make money by posting on social media as well.

We give you leads and envelopes for offline marketing (that is what is included in your welcome packet). You also get Tuesday training from the creator, a six figure online marketer, who steps you through and teaches you exactly how to do online marketing. It’s the best business you can join and it works great!

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Does Your Agent Get Online Marketing? | Finneus Egan Realtor ® | Teaser Version

When your goal is to sell your home, you need an agent who intuitively gets online real estate marketing. So, ask yourself: Does your realtor seem like he’d be more comfortable in the days before the internet? Does it seem like he misses car phones, fax machines, and plain doesn’t understand online marketing? Does he still use AOL for his email? Maybe he’s like Steve, one of the “stars” of our humorous #BadRealtors video series.

If your real estate agent an old-school, out-of-touch realtor like Steve, is that really the kind of person you can trust with the online marketing crucial to selling your home? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then it’s time to talk to Finneus Egan REALTOR®.

Today, buyers get a head-start on their house-hunt online by scouring the web for their ideal home. When they view a listing online that features high-quality video and even drone imagery, they may fall in love before they ever see the house in person. Don’t you want an agent that can do that for you?

We understand and employ the latest high-tech advancements and best in class online practices to sell your home, letting you leave old-school realtors like Steve where they belong: in the past.

Because if you use an agent that doesn’t truly rock online marketing, your listing may not be seen by the right audience at all – ever. Just as bad are agents who lack the interest, don’t have the skill, or underestimate the value of a digital presence. If they’re not getting the most out of your home’s online presence, you might as well not be online at all.

With Finneus Egan, you retain the high professional standards and ethics of someone who has specialized and lived in West Hollywood for over 15 years, but also the savvy tech and online know-how to get your house sold for top dollar in next to no time.

He gets that a real estate online marketing strategy can make all the difference in selling your home; that’s why you need a real estate agent who understands how to market real estate online.

Call me today to set up an appointment!
Finneus Egan 310-266-4650


Bad Realtor Steve: John Shelton…
Client 4: Chris Delvalle
Client 5: Jason Schultz

“Nonstop”, “Super Power Cool Dude”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

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Top Marketing Trends for 2018: SEO and Digital Marketing

With the new year comes the revision and prediction for the marketing field. So let’s start the January by talking about the top marketing and SEO trends for 2018.

We’re going to talk about :
Video Marketing
Mentions without links
Structured data
Goodbye free reach on social media
Quality content is king
Google Features
Conversational User Interfaces
Voice Marketing

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Die “Fünf Sterne Online-Marketing”-Events – Onlinemarketing-Workshops für KMU & Mittelstand

Alles zu den “Fünf Sterne Online-Marketing”-Events – – Onlinemarketing-Workshops für KMU & Mittelstand – SEO Profi Akademie

Online Marketing Workshops – vor Ort in der ganzen Republik … Zwei Tage intensiver Online-Marketing-Wissenstransfer – für Geschäftsführer und Marketing-Verantwortliche kleiner bis mittelständischer Unternehmen (KMU)!

Das erleben Sie während der Onlinemarketing-Workshops:
– Eine Menge Fachwissen über Google, Facebook & Co.
– Live-Behandlung Ihrer Online-Marketing-Probleme
– Bewertung Ihrer aktuellen Website + Optimierungstipps

Wir klären während der 2 Tage Online-Marketing Workshops:
– Wie funktionieren Suchmaschinen heute?
– Wie nutzt man Facebook, Instagram & Twitter gewinnbringend?
– Welche Alternativen gibt es zum teuren Google Ads (AdWords)?
– Welche Daten liefert Google Analytics für Geschäftserfolge?
– Wie baut man eine Marke online auf und zeigt Expertise?

Was wir Ihnen versprechen:
– TOP-Programm: Alles, was 2019 im Online-Marketing wichtig ist!
– TOP-Experten: Sven Deutschländer + zwei wechselnde Profis
– TOP-Themen: SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Webanalyse
– TOP-Teilnehmer: Austausch auf Augenhöhe – max. 15 TN
– TOP-Preis: max. 1.249 EUR zzgl. MwSt. – Frühbucher-Preise nutzen!

Webweit schon mehr als 200 positive Bewertungen!

Alle Infos zu den “Fünf Sterne Online-Marketing”-Workshops inklusive Terminen und Locations gibt’s ausführlich auf der Event-Website der SEO Profi Akademie:

Informieren Sie sich auch über die offenen Seminare des SEO Profi Berlin und seiner Akademie:

Mehr Infos über den SEO Profi Berlin auch bei:

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$100 a Day Online Marketing System 2019

$100 a Day Online Marketing System 2019

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