Autism Parenting: Working from Home. Online Marketing? Beware of unethical marketers & courses…

As I’ve written about. I lost (more than a year ago) my job or more specifically a contract that had sustained Dylan and me for almost ten years. Through no fault of my own, it was because the company sold off all of their Internet entities

Looking for new work, I found I could not compete with the millions of Pakistanis and Indians doing the same work for free to build their resumes.

I have been feeling a fair amount of stress as I watched our savings disappear and edge into the quicksand of living off credit.

I have 23 years of web development, programming and Internet marketing experience. I began in Internet marketing, but it was much different back then. The affiliate marketing I did was driving traffic using SEO and selling products that would, in turn, save the customer a lot of money. Nothing was ever ethically questionable. And it was very profitable.

I decided to study (new) Internet marketing as a viable way to continue making a living from home so that I could also continue being sole caregiver for my son, which I decided was in his best interest without question.

Today Internet marketing is very different. Almost unrecognizable but my technical background gives me a slight edge. I say slight because making money as an Internet marketer in 2019 requires you to be comfortable with ripping off the most vulnerable people in our society.

Let me make it clear that there is nothing wrong with selling your product (if you have one) on the Internet. It’s a great way to do it.

My problem is with the sleazy psychological tricks that modern Internet marketers use to sell primarily digital (information) products. What bothers me the most is that the most vulnerable people are often their targets. Many of these marketers are soulless.

I don’t want to see people in our community fall for these schemes. I will be making more videos exposing their methods.