Basics of online marketing in Forex

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In this chapter, our own Chris Trikomitis takes you through the fundamentals of marketing your business and narrows in on what goes into building an optimized website.

In a time where 2.5 billion* people, or nearly 33% of our global population, use Facebook every month, marketing your business online is a no-brainer. In this video, we start with the basics of online marketing — a broad term encompassing everything from social media, to content marketing, to your very website.

What’s as important as the channels you use is the reason you use them, or, in business terms, your objectives or goals with using them. Oftentimes we think we have to have a presence on a platform because that’s where other people are, but as a business owner, particularly if your human or financial resources are limited, you have to assess whether something is worth doing and that’s done with online marketing objectives. Skip ahead to 5:12 for more on this topic.

Once your objectives are in place, you need to set an execution strategy; this is the stage in which the channels come in. If you jump to 10:50 you’ll get an overview of what you may want to consider including in your own. From 17:22, we dive deeper into SEO keyword research — a fundamental for your website — and look at what you want to include, how to use them to get an edge over competitors, and ultimately how to yield results to meet those objectives!

If you’re not sure where to start, we narrow down some worthwhile tools which include Google Autocomplete (23:38), Keyword Planner (25:11), and Permutation Generator (27:40). Incredibly useful on their own, and even more powerful when used together.

A great place is put this all to practice is on a landing page; learn more about how to make yours stand out from the rest of your website: skip to 28:25 or simply jump ahead to 30:44 to learn more about hooking visitors once they’re actually on your landing page. From 31:55, we cover the dos and don’ts and finally, we move on to the how-to.

From 34:40 onwards, we explore where and how to build your landing pages and website alike, starting with the likes of Google Sites, then Wix (36:36), Carrd (37:39), and last but not least, QuickPages (38:33).

*Q4 2019, as reported in January 2020

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