What I Do – Siobhán Hasner, Online Marketing Manager

Siobhán Hasner describes her role as Online Marketing Manager within Ireland’s tech sector. She explains her primary duties as well as the variety and challenges the role offers.
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Kaffee Partner: Wie man mehr Leads im B2B-Bereich mit Online Marketing generiert

Wie schafft es ein in mehreren Ländern agierendes B2B-Unternehmen wie Kaffee Partner, qualifizierte Kontakte & Anfragen zu generieren? Die Antwort: High Performance Online Marketing mit der MSO Digital! Michael Kieppe, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung von Kaffee Partner, berichtet in diesem Video über die digitale Strategie, die Kaffee Partner so erfolgreich macht.
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Inside Our Crazy $1 Billion Online Marketing Planning Meeting for ClickFunnels –

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

All the fancy new tactics in the world don’t mean much if they’re not based on a solid foundation and well thought out digital marketing strategy. This is because the number of times you post, the social media channels you use, or the content you create are all completely irrelevant if you don’t have the right market, message, and mindset in place. Which is why on today’s episode we’re talking all about setting you up for success by creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

1) Mindset

The first step in creating an effective digital marketing strategy comes down to mindset and how you approach your marketing, and your business. I strongly, firmly, almost evangelically believe that your goal as a business owner or entrepreneur is to aim to be the best in your market. Now “best” can mean any number of different things including the fastest, nicest, cleanest, most polite, most beautiful, most fun, or whatever, but you should aim to dominate in at least one of these areas.

2) Market

The next step in creating a digital marketing strategy is to clearly identify your target market and ideal customer or client. The better you’re able to describe exactly who it is you’re trying to serve the more effective all of your future marketing efforts will be.

3) Message

As we just covered, the better you understand your target market the better you’ll be able to make them feel understood. And that’s what marketing is all about. Making your ideal customer or client feel heard, valued, and cared for.

4) Media

Without a doubt, choosing the right media option is the area I see business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with most. And understandably too. After all, there are an overwhelming amount of options to choose from when trying to decide how to connect with customers and effectively communicate your value online.

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Affiliate marketing for beginners 7 steps tutorial 2017 to get faster results

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SMART Goals for Online Marketing

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Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

Welcome to the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program! Master platform-specific skills valued by top employers, while at the same time establishing a broad-based understanding of the whole digital marketing ecosystem. After graduating, you’ll be ready to join a large corporation or a small firm, or even go independent as a freelance digital marketer.