Digital Marketing 2

We’ll Cover: Expand Your Brand’s Reach with Affiliate Marketing-What is affiliate marketing?-What should I look for in an affiliate?-What is an affiliate network?Brand Marketing & Direct Response: A Powerful Pair-What is brand marketing?-What is direct response marketing?-How can my brand marketing and direct response marketing work together?2 Can Be Better Than 1: The Power of Co-Branding-What is co-branding?-How can it help my business?-How do I find a brand to partner with?Segment Your Customers to Reach the Right Ones-Why should I group my customers into segments?-How do I do customer segmentation?-How does this help my marketing be more targeted and focused on my business goals?Create Display Ads That Click with Your Customers-What are display ads?-Why is good messaging important for my display ads?-How can I create effective display ads?Create a Landing Page That Lands Customers-How can a good landing page help my business?-What are some guidelines for creating a good landing page?-How do I know what features need to be improved on my page?Evolve Your Ad Campaigns with Programmatic Buying-What is programmatic ad buying?-What’s the benefit of using it?-Is it right for my business?Inspire Creativity with Programmatic Technology-How can programmatic technology help me shape my advertising campaign?-How do I target different audiences using programmatic technology?-How do I come up with data-driven creative concepts and strategies?Boost Your Reach Organically with Referral Marketing-What is referral marketing?-How can referral marketing help my business?-How do I set up referral marketing?How Remarketing Keeps Customers Coming Back-What is remarketing?-How can I use it to bring customers back when they’re ready to buy?-How can I prep myself to do remarketing?Build Brand Loyalty with Utility Marketing-What is utility marketing?-How can it help my business?-How do I get started with it?

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