Digital Marketing

We’ll Cover: Boost Your Online Business with Google Ads-What is Google Ads?-Why is online advertising important for my business?-How do I set up Google Ads?Get Organized with a Digital Marketing Plan-What’s a digital marketing plan?-How can a digital marketing plan help my business?-How do I make sure my website is helping my digital marketing?Gain Insights from Your Google My Business Listing-What are Google My Business Insights?-How can they help my business?-How do I access and use Insights from my Google My Business listing?How to Get Found on Google Search and Maps-Why should I get my business online and keep my information up to date?-What is Google My Business?-How do I get started with Google My Business?Key into Keywords for Search Engine Marketing-How do I start picking keywords for search engine marketing?-Where can I get ideas for strong keywords?-What tools can help me come up with new keywords?Make the Most of Your Google My Business Listing-Why should I update my Google My Business listing after it’s verified?-How can this help me turn searchers into customers?-How can I maximize the potential of my Google My Business listing?The Power of Online Advertising-How is online advertising different from other types of advertising?-Why is online advertising important for my business?-How does it work?Online Reviews: The Best Endorsement for Your Business-Why are online reviews important for my business?-How can I effectively respond to online reviews?-How can I use online reviews in my marketing?Get a Competitive Edge: Create a Website, Fast-If I have an online business listing, do I need a business website?-Is there an easy way to create a business website?-How do I use the website feature in Google My Business?Create a High Quality, High Ranking Search Ad-What determines an ad’s ranking in search results?-How does an auction for an online ad work?-How can I make high quality ads

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