Digital Marketing

World is going through digital transformation era and customers are spending most of their times online. Now most of the people using online for the purchasing essentials items due to pandemic situation. People are spending time online for various purposes like spending time in social media networks, searching in the internet. It also helps them to take purchasing decisions at faster pace than before. Hence organization needs to have dynamic strategies to understand the needs of the users and covert them as their potential customers.Digital marketing is a broader term which also includes the e-marketing concepts. Digital marketing includes strategies which are related to digital media such as internet, social media, e-mail, digital display boards such as billboards, mobile applications, virtual reality, and databases. Digital media content includes audio, video, text and graphics. Digital marketing analytics plays an important role in the success of digital marketing strategies especially with the use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models in predicting customer behaviors, purchasing patterns and customer loyalty and retention.This book starts with the introduction of digital marketing and discusses the different types of digital marketing strategies, its positives and areas of weakness. It also helps the users to develop and evaluate the effects of their digital marketing strategies. ABMS

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