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Digital Marketing means it is a marketing of products and services using digital technologies mainly in online is also know as Online Marketing and Web Marketing.

What I Covered In This Video:

I’m not going to teach you definitions,I’m not Creating theory content.i created my videos with

Theory + Examples + Live Implementation

Today’s Agenda:

What Is Digital Marketing?
Why You Need Digital Marketing?
Who Can Learn Digital Marketing?
How Can I Learn Online Marketing?

Where You Can Learn Digital Marketing In Hyderabad Is the Best Place to Enhance Your Skills and Promote Your Products and Services Online By Own Yourself.

I’m 100% Sure Definately Usefull for you and you people learn more there guys, I think already you people watch my content on linkedin from past 45 days.

Why I start YouTube?

So Many people are messaging to me please provide complete indepth content for each module and some ask to me please

provide YouTube channel link and …etc

So I decided to start a youtube with step by step process.

What I cover in #DigitalChandu channel ?

For Beginners: 👇

• #digitalmarketing Basic
• #seo
• #sem
• #smm
Email Marketing
Affiliate marketing
Lead generation

For Advance #digitalmarketers: 👇

🔥Conversion Tracking
🔥Advance Strategies
🔥Data studio

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