Ep. 12 Free Online Marketing Ebook | Generate More Leads Online

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Quick Introduction On The Marketing Lyfe Podcast

What’s up guys? It’s Taylor Timothy with the marketing life podcast and today I’m going to be talking about the ebook that I just released. I’m super excited about this. So let’s dive in.

Summary Of My Ebook

So the first thing I want to talk about, why did I write this ebook?

My whole goal is me and this podcast and everything is to help businesses get more leads, more cells, and basically I just kind of give a little step by step process on what you guys need to do to implement these things into your online business.

Quality Website For Your Business

So the first thing that I go over with you guys is your website and I talk about like making sure you have the right theme. If you’re using wordpress, making sure that you have good hosting, making sure you have a consistent look and feel across the board, the pixels that you guys need to have in place when you’re building your websites to. I talk about Google site speed tests. I talk about tracking and using thank you pages and linking your opt in forms, your crm, using the facebook messenger Chat Bot. And obviously I talk about like the no brainer things that you need to have on your website.

So that’s the first thing in the ebook where I go over is basically the concept of your website and the things that you need to have in place. The next thing I go over his messaging and messaging that you have on your website. So the first thing that I talk about is it’s called a usp and it’s called the unique selling proposition. All of your websites, all of your landing pages need to have some sort of unique selling proposition. And I, in this ebook I go over some simple like unique selling propositions that you guys can have on your website. The next thing that I go over is can your website past the five second test. Now a lot of people are like, what’s the five second test? So when you land on the webpage, on that landing page, do you see in the first five seconds, can you verify what you are looking at the website you’re on and the offer that the website is, is offering to you. A lot of websites actually don’t do this, so it’s really important to have the make sure that your website can pass what I call the five second test.

Social Proof On Your Landing Pages

The next thing I talk about is social proof. Now what social proof show that you guys actually have raving fans, so on your landing pages with your messaging, make sure you have some sort of testimonial or social proof on that landing pages. Well, and that’s the wrap on messaging. This next one’s probably a fan favorite, obviously facebook and instagram, so I go over about creating your facebook page and making sure that your page actually reflects your website, so have a lot of the same information on your facebook page as if it were your website. The next thing I talk about is making sure you use the facebook pixel and making sure that pixels on your site installed properly and across your header.

Finding Your Audience On Social Media To Generate Sales

Then next thing I talk about is creating your audiences and finding your audiences that are going to help generate more leads and sales for your business. Then the next thing I talk about in the book is creating custom conversions, created conversions, and making sure that you’re actually tracking the cells from your facebook ads. And last but not least, I talk about, uh, creating ads for facebook and your instagram marketing. I talk about all the different types of instagram and facebook ad types that you can run for your business and where they are located while they’re running on these different platforms. And the last thing I talk about is in this section is making sure you give your ads time. You know, one of the things that I’ve experienced running facebook and instagram ads instantly the day, the next day after you’ve set up your ads, you want to touch them, you want to change them. But the reality of it is you need to make sure you give these campaigns time. Generally speaking, I give my ads three days before I decide if I’m turning them off or making any changes. So give your ads and your campaigns time and we’ll wrap that up with facebook and instagram.

YouTube Channel To Educate Your Audience

The next thing we’re gonna talk about is my personal favorite. I personally don’t think this platform has hit its all time high yet and some people may think it has, but we’re talking about youtube, so when creating a youtube channel,