How To Do Online Marketing In 2019

You are probably familiar with the celebrity “paid partnership” ads on Instagram. Brands are supposedly paying celebrities millions of dollars for these posts. They look a lot like celebrity TV ads from the past, don’t they? Let’s be honest about it, TV ads are dead. If your marketing guy hasn’t told you that, then they simply don’t care about your money. So, are these Instagram posts the best means for marketing today? Honestly, no!
Big and ambitious brands are doing this because they are trying to repair a severe damage and they do not know how to cope with the dramatically changed consumer behavior towards advertisements. More than 80% fortune 500 companies are losing their market share. That is the damage. Reason? They still try to think Facebook, Instagram, and even Google ads are small players in the ads game. And sometimes, they just try to post their television ad on YouTube and Facebook and think “what’s the difference?”
I will answer that later in this video.
Wish is a shopping app that sells products at a really low price and it takes a long time to ship products. This company has reached 3-6 billion dollars in revenue by solely depending on Facebook ads. On the other hand, big corporations like Walmart and BestBuy are still trying to figure out how to compete with the eminent threat that Amazon is. Amazon- one website became the richest company in the world in no time and some big companies are still sleeping on that fact only because of one reason- they do not know what to do about it or how to do it.
For example, a television ad will almost never work on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Customer testimonials will work, seller’s honest video message will work, a behind the scene video from your factory will work.
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If you cannot scale your conversion cost for each sale through Facebook ads, switch to a lifetime budget from daily budget and try bid cap and target bidding.
If you are in a competitive industry and you are still not making enough money after spending around ten thousand dollars on Facebook ads, increase your budget. Look at the situation like this: if you were to make a television ad and say “I will make the ad within 500 dollars”- that ad probably will not work, right? It is the same with Facebook ads for competitive industries. You must be completely aware of the amount other advertisers are bidding on Facebook.
If you are still not in a winning situation, turn to content. It’s ideal to spend 70% of your advertising budget on awareness ads and the rest 30% on sales ads. And content is the best kind of awareness ads. Give your potential customers more information about your product and try to focus on the problem it solves. Do not try to oversell your product in a content. Try to be as neutral as possible. Believe me, it will work better than one hundred cold sales ads.
We have been able to bring down the cost of lead generation ads on Facebook to 50-65 cents per lead in the United States. That’s actually awesome when you realize what kind of magic leads ads can do. When you have one thousand emails and phone numbers of people who have shown interest in your product, trust me, you can sell to more than 80% of them in time.
Use giveaways and offer free demos to start your lead generation campaigns. You do not have to bleed money. If your ads are good, a fifty-dollar prize is good enough to generate 100 emails and phone numbers with a fifty-dollar advertising budget.
Next, start email campaigns. Offer a 5% discount to these people for participating. Let’s say 20 people buy. Offer 10% discount to the rest in a follow up email. People who still do not buy, they simply need more information about the product and the problem it solves. So, follow up with a content that makes their decision-making process easier and enhances your image as an industry expert.
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We can offer you honest service with online content and marketing. If your budget will not work on a platform, we will never tell you to come on board so that we get our fees. No! we want to introduce integrity in the business of content and marketing. We offer content for as low as fifty dollars per content when you make a contract of ten or more contents and we offer online marketing services for as low as five hundred dollars per month when you make a contract for at least three months.
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