How to Find Prospects Online: Marketing Tips for New Insurance Agents

Its bad enough that everybody is telling us that were supposed to be online. Were supposed to be using social media. Were all supposed to have a website. Blah, blah, blah. But after we have all that, what’s next? How are you supposed to find prospects and how are they supposed to find you? Are leads just gonna fall out of the sky? Of course not. Once youve put yourself online, youve still got a lot of work to do. In this video, I share 5 tips on how to find prospects online.

Tip #1. Decide who your customers are.

Tip #2. Day trade attention.

Tip #3. Position yourself as aproblem solver.”

Tip #4. Answer the question, “whats in it for me?”

Tip #5. Practice 90/10. Spend 90% of your time giving, 10% of you time selling.

Question of the day, “what tips do you have for finding prospects online?”

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