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How To Succeed In Network Marketing Online Without Losing Friends On Social Media?

Easy! In this internet marketing training, I highly recommend not mentioning the name of your MLM company or products AT ALL when you’re marketing online because you’ll have more people wondering what it is you’re using or how you’re making money from home based on these online marketing strategies.

And honestly, in my opinion, I think most people are annoyed at how most Network Marketers are being taught how to market online using social media and it becomes “white noise” and people scroll past it.

I highly recommend you follow these simple marketing strategies and create your own brand by showing the value of people joining YOU rather than blasting social media with “buy, buy buy!” and losing and annoying all of your friends online.

Also, If you just come out and say, “I’m with X Company…it’s the best MLM Company in 2020 and the products are insane”! Well, people can just go Google it and you’ll never know they were interested. Which means, you just lost a prospect.

By using these “call to action” lines in your online marketing trainings or online marketing tutorials (videos, blogs, podcasts), you’re more likely to have people reaching out asking for information.

In the last 7 years of doing network marketing online and learning from trainers like Eric Worre, I’ve noticed that most MLM reps don’t know how to market network marketing online and they’ll make a random post using Corporate photos from their MLM company, but most people just ignore those posts because it doesn’t add value to them.

However, using these internet marketing strategies, you’ll pull prospects to you and get more network marketing leads because you’re building a brand around you, not your Network Marketing company or product. I understand staying motivated in Network Marketing is tough, you’ll have more people reaching out and loving the way you market your business online.

This is how teach our MLM downline to grow your network marketing business online without talking about your product or opportunity using these online marketing strategies. What’s even cooler is you’ll never run out of marketing ideas or online marketing tips for your content because there are thousands of online marketing trainings in the specific niche you’re in.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this video on how to start network marketing online without mentioning your MLM company or product and if so, leave your comment below and even ask any question that you’d like me to do a video on next!

I’m happy to share my network marketing secrets and tips to help you market your Network Marketing business online even if you’re brand new or have lots of experience in MLM.


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