Internet Shopping And The Amazon Effect | How To Make The Most Of Your Online Marketing


The pandemic has caused people to stay inside, which, in turn, has caused more people to do internet shopping. With Amazon being such a major force in this area, its important to do online marketing the right way so you thrive — rather than become a victim — to its popularity.

One important thing you can do to help market your products is to humanize yourself. Recently, Amazon came under fire for the working conditions in their fulfillment centers. What did Jeff Bezos do? He decided to run ads that featured the faces of real employees in order to humanize the company. By allowing people to see that Amazon is composed of real people, it drew empathy from viewers and helped repair the companys reputation.

You can do the same thing in your online marketing. Record videos of yourself working from home. Put pictures of yourself on your posts. These are small steps that will make a big difference in how you are perceived in the world of internet shopping.

Another way you can improve your marketing is through surveys. People LOVE filling out surveys and they can be incredibly useful to you. Ask people about their online shopping habits. If youre selling supplements, for example, ask about whether or not someone has gone shopping for food in the last three weeks. This kind of information is helpful to you and it helps you connect with your audience.

With internet shopping becoming such an integral part of everyday life, you cant afford to miss out on online marketing opportunities. By making the most of your ads, youll be able to increase revenue while connecting with your customers.

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