Diese drei Tricks kannst du von Booking.com lernen – Psychologie im Marketing

Ausbildung in Online-Verkaufspsychologie:

Booking.com ist einer der größten Buchungsportale der Welt und nutzt Verkaufspsychologie intensiv. In der Analyse der Woche habe ich dir drei Tipps zusammengestellt, die du übernehmen kannst. Für mehr Kunden und Umsatz.
Psychologie im Online-Marketing, für Webseiten und Online-Shops.

Sri Balaji Society Induction presentation 2019 – ONLINE MARKETING


Every year, the Student Managers of Sri Balaji Society begin their journey from campus to corporate through this unique induction program organised by the institute.

Most Asked Question in 2019 | Digital Marketing Vs Artificial Intelligence | ( in Hindi )

In this video WsCube Tech explains about the involvement of Artificial Intelligence into Digital Marketing

What are the various applications of Digital Marketing in which Artificial intelligence can be used.

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Online Marketing Testimonial: Sachsenlotto (Social-Media) | Projecter

Michael Kunze von Sachsenlotto berichtet in diesem Video von seiner Zusammenarbeit mit Projecter. Sachsenlotto ist einer unserer Kunden im Social-Media-Marketing, im Suchmaschinenmarketing und in der Suchmaschinenoptimierung. Sachsenlotto ist vom Freistaat Sachsen mit der Durchführung der Staatslotterien und Sportwetten beauftragt. Welche Herausforderungen die individuelle Betreuung eines Kunden in diesem Bereich mit sich bringt, wird an dieser Stelle besonders deutlich. Wie wir dies als Online-Marketing-Agentur meistern, schildert Herr Kunze eindrucksvoll.

Online Marketing Solutions

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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: Classic Full Webinar by Marketing Legend Srinidhi

Full Webinar on AIDM. The Future is Now: Use AI To Power Your Digital Marketing – Free Online Webinar – Visit https://www.firstlookai.com – Connect with me on LinkedIn in case of any queries: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srinidhiranganathan/

The Future Is Now

Artificial Intelligence Tools and Technologies in Digital Marketing: Webinar Recording

This is a free online webinar on Artificial Intelligence. We promise a rocking session that will be unforgettable. We will focus on the following in the online webinar:

– Why do digital marketers need Artificial Intelligence?
– Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Today
– Natural Language Processing
– Semantic Analysis
– Segmentation
– Search and Filtering
– Website Design
– Optimization
– Chatbots and Messaging
– Recommendations
– Content Generation
– Video Generation

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly popular term that lacks a unified, concrete definition. It is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is that quality that enables an entity to function appropriately and with foresight in its environment.”

AI today is a buzzword in technology that has everyone sitting up to pay attention. With every other billboard in the Bay area talking about AI and machine learning, it appears like the time of Jarvis from Iron Man, Samantha from ‘Her’ and even the creepy ‘HAL’ from 2001 – a space odyssey is fast approaching.

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Is online marketing saturated in 2019?

Is online marketing saturated?

With all of the promotions you see for “making money online” you would think that the online marketing would be saturated.

But currently there are over Four Billion Internet Users worldwide! Four Billion! In addition, here are other statistics* that are worth noting:

Over 4 Billion Google searches a day (and this number continues to rise)
4.5 Billion YouTube videos viewed every day
4 Million blog posts posted every day
53 Million photos uploaded to Instagram today
89 Million Tumblr posts made today
2.4 Billion Facebook users today

*these figures were gathered from https://www.internetlivestats.com/

If you could only reach .0001% that is one ten thousandth, of the Four Billion Internet users worldwide, that means you would have an audience of 400,000! Take it even further, if you could only reach .00001% that is one hundred thousandth, you would have an audience of 40,000, and even further .000001% this is one millionth, you would have an audience of 4,000!

There are people out there that are looking for what you have to offer! So to say that internet marketing is saturated is to not know the actual numbers!

Internet marketing is in no way saturated. But there is plenty of room for all to be successful!
Why not YOU?

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