How I Got My Job, Experience In Content Marketing/Social Media & My Tips When Job Hunting

Hello! Career-focused video today discussing the journey of how I got my job in digital marketing (content creation, social media manager, copywriter) and tips on what to include in your job application, CV and cover letter. This will be a 3-part series with this one focusing on my experience in the media industry in London as a blogger, content creator, publisher manager, strategic sales associate and now, content producer! This is purely based on my personal experience so I can only speak from that – there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this but I hope this comes in useful – the second part will focus on the job searching process, skills required for my current (or previous) roles and the interview process so please ask any questions you might have in the comments!

1:14 – How I started
2:00 – My job experience as a freelance writer
5:01 – Internships, university and work experience
7:48 – My first job after university for an ad tech company
10:33 – My current job
12:18 – Main takeaways I’ve learned
13:16 – Tips for job applications/CV experience

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