How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing If You Are NOT An Expert – Beginner Friendly!

“Share your expertise” is the common knowledge peddled for beginner affiliate marketers… But what if you aren’t an expert? What do you do then?

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You are going to understand what to do when you’re not an expert or when you’re not an authority on the subject, but you want to still grow a business online. You know, it definitely gets easier to build a business online when you are the actual foremost expert in whatever it is you’re doing.

But there’s a large volume of you guys out there who you’re not the expert yet. So the question is, what do I do?

The core question I want you to ask yourself and then we’ll get into a specific tactic later, but the question I want you to ask yourself right now is what are you committed to becoming in the next three to five years? Because even if you’re not an expert right now, are you committed to becoming an expert on something in the next three to five years?

Now, this could be very interestingly aligned with your life situation. Let’s say you have a child who’s 13 years old and they are absolutely infatuated with volleyball. You’re their volleyball coach.

You kind of as a family, eat, sleep, breathe volleyball, and you know, for the next four or five years this really good chance you’re going to be involved in the sport of volleyball as a coach, as a coach, parent, et Cetera, et cetera. Bingo.

You are on your way to becoming one of the, potentially for most best coaches in tyour area, at least on the game of volleyball, and since your kids are going through it and you’re doing it, why not really get into the game and understand the mechanics of the game and why not become the best that you can add that maybe you’re really into racing drones.

Maybe you’re really into horseback riding. Maybe you’re really into yoga. I don’t know what that is about you, but oftentimes when you don’t already have 10 years of expertise to pull from, it’s more about what are you becoming. Then, as I mentioned earlier, there’s a tactic you can implement, right?

So how do you as, let’s use this volleyball coach example that totally popped into my mind randomly. How does this kind of individual whose kids interested in volleyball, they want to help, they want to participate and maybe make a business around this. How do you actually learn more about the game of volleyball? And obviously researching is a big part of it, right?

So the access to the information is not the problem. That’s not the hurdle. It’s the commitment of purpose. And then it’s like, well, what do you do when you find the information?

Writing is not necessarily as much about communicating an idea as it is about learning. And this is a really, really big distinction that hit me last year The premise is that writing and the act of writing is actually your way of learning, right?

Let me repeat that. When you write things out, you go read the books, you research, you researched the top new articles on a topic, and you take the time to write out an outline to fill out that outline and write a comprehensive essay on everything that you’ve learned.

The actual act of writing is learning, not you communicating. Therefore, if you move forward and you commit to writing three new great blog posts each and every week on that topic, relevant to what you’re becoming and you just write, write, write.

This by default means that you will be learning more and more about this topic with each, with each and every post that you publish, which means over the course of three years, writing three posts per week

In order to write that volume of content, you will have read more than just about anyone else on the topic. You will have published more on just about anyone on that topic. You will be in the top 1% of the most knowledgeable people in the world.

Ultimately understanding or thinking critically about this right here. I’m going to sum it up one time real quick. Number one, what are you committed to becoming, right? What are you committed to? Are you committed to becoming one of the best drone racers in the world? Are you committed to becoming someone who spends all day, every day with our horses?

Because you just love your horses that much? Whatever it is that you’re committed to becoming, that’s your starting point. That’s your entrance point. That’s the affinity with this niche, with this world, with this subject matter, ultimately with an audience of people similar to you who are looking to get better at that thing. Then you commit to the process of writing.

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