5 Ways To Get More Sales For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Without sales, you will FAIL. Sales are the lifeblood of your marketing agency. Tim Conley, the #1 marketing agency consultant shares the 5 best ways to get more sales and grow your profits, fast.

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in this video you are about to learn the five ways to get more sales for your digital marketing agency. And to help with this, I got my friend Tim Conley here. Tim, thanks for being here man. It’s always amazing to be here. Great to have you on. So I’ve had Tim on for many videos. Tim is one of the foremost experts in the world of building, growing and specifically scaling digital agencies. He speaks on stages around the world and I’m grateful to have you here. If you haven’t seen our other videos, there’ll be in the comments below. They’ll be all over, they’ll be in the end screen. Watch all of this if you’re building a digital agency because really so one of the fastest ways to generate cashflow online for someone who has some skills. Would you agree with that?

Yes. And it’s a longterm business model. This is something you can get started quick, but ultimately you can build a multimillion dollar business that has systems and you can literally build a business and not just a hustle. Right? Let’s talk about money now versus building a longterm asset because these fall into different categories and I think we need to give the viewer a little framework so there’s getting more sales and what’s the difference between a short term and a long term sale and when do you need which types in the business? Okay, when you’re first getting started, the only thing that matters is getting a customer. You’ve got to get money or you’re not in business. That’s easy definition. You’re in business when people are paying you money. If you don’t get money, you are playing it business. So that’s the first thing. So the early stages is all about going out and getting a sale.

Don’t worry about your content marketing, don’t worry about your brand, don’t worry about anything other than making a sale. You’re going to have a number of pitches and you’re going to have a percentage of those that you close. The more pitches that you make, the better you get at the close, the more sales that you’re going to get. But literally all day, every day, it needs to be focused on that pitch side. And then so it’s almost like hunting in the beginning and then, you know, building a longterm asset. We want to build systems, we want to build potentially other, we’ll talk about the things we want to build, but you want to be at more of a farmer. You want to start getting people showing up to you. And really I think that’s, that’s marketing, right? Versus sales versus say in the early days, all in on sales.

Then as you start to get cashflow and you start to get your kind of legs beneath your sea legs on at that point you want to build marketing systems and we’re going to start with sales and go into marketing. So number one on the five ways to get more customers is cold outreach. Now, Tim, are we talking like email stuff here? What do we mean by cold outreach? Currently cold outreach really falls under. What are you good at? Are you good on the phone? Well then you should do cold outreach on the phone. If you have a great a list that you can connect with through email, we’ll then do email. But what I’m seeing is that it’s getting really hard to get people on the phone. It’s getting even harder to get people to actually respond to an email. So the one thing, and it’s temporary, but it’s working amazingly well right now, is reaching out to on LinkedIn who fit exactly the kind of business that you wish to work with as a business owner.

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The importance of online marketing…

After the success of hosting an event about the importance of online marketing, we have since seen our marketing strategies and contemporary techniques take small business’ to the next level. This video is a small snippet from the event which has encouraged companies to network, expand their marketing knowledge as well as transform their business.

The importance of online marketing…

After the success of hosting an event about the importance of online marketing, we have since seen our marketing strategies and contemporary techniques take small business’ to the next level. This video is a small snippet from the event which has encouraged companies to network, expand their marketing knowledge as well as transform their business.

Waarom Talent as a Service (TaaS) de toekomst is van online marketing

Hybrid Agency is een bedrijf dat inzet op Talent as a Service. Waarom dit nu zo belangrijk is in de wereld van online marketing? En hoe founder Johan Elias er hoge ogen mee gooit? Je ontdekt alles over deze nog niet bekende start-up in de nieuwste Techmag episode!

0:48 – 6:03 Van SaaS bedrijf naar performance agency
6:04 – 8:52 Wat is Talent as a Service (TaaS)
8:53 – 10:55 Kenmerken en voordelen van TaaS
10:56 – 11:52 Risico’s bestrijden met de HR factory
11:53 – 14:55 Resultaat van een passie voor de mens
14:56 – 16:18 Adviesraad van HR
16:19 – 18:13 Schaalbaarheid en operational excellence
18:14 – 21:00 Oplossing voor hoge marketingkost
21:01 – 22:28 Bijblijven met marketingtrends
22:29 – 25:00 Verschil maken met concurrenten
25:01 – 27:39 Vallen en opstaan
27:40 – 28:50 Wat is het verschil met consultancy
28:51 – 31:15 Wanneer je noodgedwongen moet stoppen
31:16 – 35:59 Hoe Johan is gegroeid als CEO


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