Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon | Affiliate Marketing Growth $6.8 Billion in 5 Years

Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon | Affiliate Marketing Growth $6.8 Billion in 5 Years | INSTAGRAM :

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What you’ll learn | Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Expected Growth $6 8 Billion in 5 Years
• By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To Create Your Own Niche Based Amazon Affiliates Websites Estores.
• How to Select The Most Profitable Niche for Your Amazon Store.
• Buy A Domain Name Along With Website Hosting On Go Daddy.
• How To Install WordPress On Your New Hosting Server With A Simple Process.
• How To Choose The Correct Theme For Your E-Store.
• How To Install Your New E-Commerce Theme Into WordPress.
• Learn How To Automatically Import Your Chosen Niche Products On You Website By Simply Clicking One Button.
• How To Create An E-Commerce Store That Looks, Feels And Is Responsive And Works On Every Device.

Requirements | Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Expected Growth $6 8 Billion in 5 Years :
• Register a domain name and Buy Website Hosting
• You’ll need a premium WordPress theme
• Plugin to Automatically Import Products
• WordPress theme that supports the free WooCommerce plugin
• Interested in earning with the Amazon Affiliate Program
• Interested in running an eCommerce business part time or full time

Description | Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Expected Growth $6 8 Billion in 5 Years :
In this step-by-step course you will learn how to build a profitable Amazon Affiliate E-commerce store that you can setup in just 1 hour! These stores are very quick and easy to create and set up, and you will be able to create stores in less than 59 minutes, as I do – watch the intro video where I show you how beautiful these stores look and give a premium look just like an ecommerce store. I will guide you for every step and help you build your store as you follow along with the videos in this course.

Who this course is for | Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Expected Growth $6 8 Billion in 5 Years :
• Students, who wish to learn part time, without developing any websites.
• E commerce business owners who want to expand their business via amazon affiliate networks.
• Professionals who wish to use amazon affiliates network to open opportunities via monthly income.
• Freelancers who wish to use this system full time, like we do.
• All other People who have immediate plans to start their full time or part time business explore income opportunities.
• Make Money Online Hindi 2019 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Expected Growth $6 8 Billion in 5 Years

Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 1 – The Affiliate Site Build

The #1 best way to make money online is affiliate marketing for beginners. This video details how to build an amazon affiliate marketing website from scratch.

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Ok, let’s cover the new affiliate marketing website example in more detail…

This is month one of my affiliate marketing case study. I’m going to document the process of building a brand new affiliate marketing website from scratch.

The goal is to generate $3,000 per month positive cash flow in one year. I’m choosing a niche that I’m not an expert in. I kind of haphazardly chose it.

And in these videos, which I plan to put out once every month, I’m going to document what I’m working on, what I’ve done in that month, how much it has cost me, and obviously how much income I’m making from that.

So in this first one, at the end, you’re gonna find out exactly how much money I’ve spent on this project so far because I’m now one month in and I’m going to detail the process, the path that I’m following.

If you get it started, the real goal for you here is to understand that whether you’re a super busy executive, you’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and you want to build a business on the side by outsourcing.

A lot of the work. You’re going to learn how that’s possible through this video series, but also if you’re new, if you don’t have a lot of extra money, if you’re on a budget and you’re bootstrapping this from kind of nothing, right? You’re spending as minimal money as possible. You want to do the work to build out an affiliate site. You can also execute this plan. You see, I’m made with my multiple brands online of a millions of dollars online. My cash flow is extremely solid right now, my time, I don’t have much time, so I’m paying other people to do the work, but you can just as easily do the work that on your and of for yourself, right? You could just do the work yourself. That’s how my wife and I built our first brand. That’s how I built this miles Beckler brand that you’re watching here.

This is just a new case study. Again, proving that anyone can build a successful affiliate marketing website on any niche, and I’m going to talk about how I chose the niche, so the overall plan, right? Choose a niche of products that people are searching for and that search volume is going up over time. You look at Google trends to see that it’s a thing that’s trending right and people are trying to figure out which one is the right one for them because I can meet these people with a piece of content and we’re putting up two types of content. Number one is informative content. The informative content is what we’re going to use for backlink building. This does not promote specific products. Normally it might here and there it just talks about the different things you need to know about in the world of what I’m working with right within this niche.

Then the second one are specific reviews. The best cheap, this, the best that the best for under a hundred dollars, the best for under $500. All of those keyword phrases that people search when they’re ready to purchase those. A review based content and I’m not going to really build links to that cause people don’t like linking out to those types of posts, but those posts are going to rank on Google and essentially people will read the posts, they’ll click through, they’ll go to Amazon or whatever, whatever vendor I link them to that has the best deal they’ll purchase. I will earn a commission for connecting that individual with what they wanted by a piece of content.

So essentially our plan that’s created multiple millions of dollars online that I’m yet again duplicating out over.

I’m looking that I’m going to be willing to put in $50,000 into this website. That’s kind of my goal. In order to get the $3,000 a month cashflow, the competition for that seed income of mine, that that investment is actually real estate investing. And I did a video on this recently where with about $50,000 in, I could generate maybe $400 per month positive cash flow from a rental property. Okay? This is potentially going to bring me $3,000 per month from that same $50,000 investment. From an investment standpoint, this is a phenomenal return on investment, but yet it’s a little bit of a risk. I don’t actually know that this is going to work. The theory is sound. I know I’ve got the skills to build this.

I’ve got a team of people who are going to help me with this and you get to ride along for this entire process, but I encourage you, don’t just watch participate. You have to start at some point. You have to actually start the process of building your site. You have to choose a niche. You just have to start writing content. You got to get hosting up.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Bangla Tutorial: How to Create an Account

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Bangla Tutorial – Step by step Process to Make Money Using Amazon Affiliate Program.

Create Payoneer account:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. But you have to focus on right affiliate network.

Amazon is one of the best affiliate sites in the old. In this video, I will show you how to create an Amazon account and how to make money be an Amazon affiliate marketing expert.

Step 1: 1. Account Information

In this step, you have to provide your account information. Name email, password

Step 2: Website and mobile app
now you have to provide your website information. If you have an app provide your app name.

Step 3: Profile
Now explain what your app is about. what you can provide through your app.

Step: 4. Identity verification
Now verify your phone number. and all you have done.

Step: 5. Start using associate central

Step: 6. Adding Payment information

Step: 7 Adding tax information

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