Online Marketing Keeps Changing!! How Do I Keep Up? // She Means Business Vlog

The world of marketing is constantly adapting and changing. So how are we supposed to keep with the latest trends when we’re trying to start or grow our businesses??

My business has had to adapt its marketing strategy drastically over the years since we began. From Google Adwords to Facebook’s organic reach, we’ve generally employed one main strategy, and really focused in and targeted that specific avenue. But as time goes on, new platforms emerge, laws and algorithms change and your audience’s attention shifts, and your primary strategy starts to become ineffective!

So how do we keep up? As the person running the show, it’s on you to keep up with changes in the landscape. But don’t panic: this is what the business community is for. We’re here to help guide each other through these hurdles, to test every possible new strategy and share our stories and wins with each other, so we can all continue to move forward and create incredible growth.

I really hope this video has given some insight into how I cope with changes in the world of marketing, and I’d love to hear your stories and tips around how you’ve adapted to change.



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Quick Explanation of What Online Marketing is.

This video is a quick explanation of online marketing and how the Royaltie System helps small business owners start an online marketing program to promote their business.

Impressionen der Onlinemarketing Master Class (Nürnberg Digital Festival 2019)

Vor einem Monat haben wir euch mit der „Onlinemarketing & Data Driven Sales Master Class“ im Rahmen des Nürnberg Digital Festivals einen Blick „behind the scenes“ gegeben. Im Video erfahrt ihr, was an dem Tag alles geboten war!

In den Vorträgen gab es spannende Insights zu Analytics, CRM, SEO und SEA:
📈 Digital Analytics in Online Marketing – Timon Aden, Founder Tracken Web Services
📊 Customer Lifetime Value Berechnung & Channel Attribution – Stefan Vater, Head of Analytics I Onlineprinters
📩 A/B-Testing in E-Commerce – Christian Strasheim, Head of Shop Management & Customer Sales I Onlineprinters
💻 Make Smart Bidding Smarter – Judith Rathke, Industry Manager I Google

Ihr habt auch Lust in unser motiviertes Team zu kommen? Dann bewerbt euch unter 😎

Video: Tyra Webster


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Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing | Advantages of Online Advertising | Squared Planning

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Digital Impact: Two Secrets To Online Marketing Success presents Geoff Ramsey,CEO and co-founder of eMarketer and co-author of Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success (with Vipin Mayar, EVP of McCann Worldgroup) ,In this amusing talk, Geoff Ramsey, explains the two issues facing online marketers:

Lack of adequate metrics and measuring systems to drive online performance.
The question of how to engage consumers. Today’s consumers have a short attention span, often consume more than one type of media at once, and are more resistant than ever to advertising messages.
In answer to the first question, Ramsey defines today’s advertising model as using ‘Magnetic Marketing.’ The concept of Magnetic Marketing is marketing sources that users want to look for more of.

Magnetic Marketing is defined by five criteria:

Well executed
Does it make good use of the particular marketing channel?
If a campaign functions well as a Magnetic Marketing campaign, not only targeted consumers will respond to it, other consumers will as well.
In terms of the metrics for measuring success, Ramsey defines a trapezoid shape which explains the 7 metrics that need to be measured in order to see the Exposure levels, the strategic levels, and eventually lead to being able to measure ROI.

Watch Digital Impact: Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success – Part 2

Watch an Interview with Geoff Ramsey

About Geoff Ramsey, Co-founder & CEO, eMarketer

Geoff Ramsey is one of the most exciting visionaries in digital marketing today. In his role as CEO and co-founder of eMarketer, Geoff is not only on the cutting edge of new research trends and best practices, he offers a rich understanding and big-picture perspective of the digital age and its impact on marketing and media.

Geoff’s book, Digital Impact: The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success, co-authored with Vipin Mayar, EVP of McCann Worldwide, has earned critical praise from industry leaders.

A highly regarded speaker with an engaging presentation style, Geoff keynotes at major industry events around the globe, including the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), The Conference Board, and the Economist Conferences, as well as at Fortune 100 corporations including Google, Yahoo! and Visa. He is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek and Advertising Age.

In 2011, Geoff received the ad:tech Industry Achievement Award, which honors individuals in the digital marketing space who have demonstrated consistent outstanding service, generated breakthrough ideas and fostered industry growth.


Online Behavior is a source of knowledge for website owners and analysts looking to understand how their online customers behave. But that’s not all, understanding does not make a website better, action is required. That’s why a broad range of techniques and strategies is needed to help optimizing websites. You will find information pertaining to:

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Web Analytics & Optimization ( ): Learn the most advanced conversion optimization techniques to optimize your current traffic; turn new visitors into customers, and returning customers into loyal friends.

Analyzing the followers of the Red Bull YouTube channel | Online Marketing . Media

Analyzing the followers of the Red Bull YouTube channel | Online Marketing . Media
A videóban a Red Bull YouTube csatornáját figyeltük meg 15 percen keresztül, hogy képet alkossunk a csatorna növekedéséről és növekedési dinamikájáról.
Az elemzés az Online Marketing Media alábbi linken elérhető cikkéhez készült:

Már több mint hat éves a tartalom marketing egyik ékköve a Red Bull Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate YouTube videója

A folyamatos növekedést a Red Bull nagyban köszönheti a több mint 6 éve feltöltött Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate YouTube videónak, amely ékes bizonyítéka a megfelelő gondossággal kivitelezett tartalom marketing hosszú távú hasznosságának.
Éppen ezért egy hosszú távú stratégiával rendelkező cég esetében az online marketing elemei között helyet kell kapnia a tartalommarketing eszközöknek mint pl. marketinges fotók és videók.
A Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate videón kívül még sok hasonló tartalom képes a hosszú távú támogatásra, amelyek elemzésére az Online Marketing Media sort fog keríteni.
Az ilyen tartalmak építő jellege vitathatatlan, így marketingeseknek a megtekintése minden túlzás nélkül kötelező.


Digital Marketing in Tamil – Webmaster Tools and Analytics


Digital Marketing in Tamil – Webmaster Tools and Analytics




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