Future of Digital Marketing | Candid Talk With Blusteak Media Co-founders Telson & Jaison Thomas

Interns at Blusteak Media had an interactive interview session with the cofounders of one among the most sort after digital creative agency in Kerala, Jaison Thomas & Telson Thomas.

They spread light on the topics of the current trend of digital advertisements in Kerala based companies and enterprises. Furthermore, they engage in interesting & futuristics topics of online marketing such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Automated CRM, Chatbots & Augemented Reality (AR) based promotions and marketing.

Location: Blusteak Media, Variseril Nest, Malloosery, Kottayam, Kerala.

Website: https://www.blusteak.com
Apply for internship: https://www.blusteak.com/internship-programme

Wie verändert VR das Online Marketing? | Digital Marketing Trends

Wie verändert Virtual Reality das Online Marketing? Werden wir unsere Kunden irgendwann nur noch virtuell abholen? Arbeiten wir gar komplett virtuell in Zukunft? Über dieses Thema sprechen im heutigen Video Tim und Lukas von hurra.com