My first content created! Online Marketing Journey Begins! Thoughts on Legendary Marketing – To learn more about how to change your life and become financially free while learning how to create your own online marketing business!!

-This video is about me actually making the change and creating my very first piece of content.(the first of many to come) I have much to learn and any tips or input you guys have for me is greatly appreciated!
-I know that everyone’s first video is not the best and i promise you guys that i’ll learn to fix and tweak things till i can deliver grade-A content! Thank you again for watching!


Lead Weasel Intro – Official : Digital Marketing Content Creation Tips

Online Marketing Hint
When creating content, ABC = Always Be Creating

We create content & new experiences.
We also IMPROVE content and experiences. If you don’t get started you can’t improve. But if you don’t improve, you aren’t providing value.
So let that crazy Weasel brain off the leash, and get those ideas flowing.

Remember, ABC… Always Be Creating

(our sample with upgraded microphone for improved sound quality.)

जानें- आख़िर डिजिटल मार्केटिंग है क्या? | Introduction of Digital Marketing|

Digital Marketing for Beginners | Online Marketing [HINDI] 2018

In this video we are going to explain what is Digital Marketing, we will cover topics like, What is Marketing, types of marketing,different marketing techniques and Everything about Digital Marketing or Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

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Messerundgang Online Marketing Rockstars 2017

65 000 Quadratmeter Fläche, rund 40 000 Besucher und diverse Aussteller aus der digitalen Welt – das ist das Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Festival 2018. Am 22. und 23. März 2018 findet dieses Event in drei Hallen (A2, A3 und A4) der Hamburger Messe statt. 

Auch PRG XL Video rockt bei den Online Marketing Rockstars mit und lieferte die Licht-, Kamera-, Ton- und Videotechnik sowie das Rigging. Insgesamt liefert PRG rund 500 Tonnen Material für die OMR 2018. Vier Tage vor Messebeginn wurde mit dem Aufbau begonnen – ein knappes Zeitfenster, denn neben der umfangreichen Veranstaltungstechnik begannen auch die Aussteller mit den Aufbauarbeiten ihrer Messestände.

Rockstars Aftershow 2016 Recap | Online Marketing Rockstars

We’re still stoked from our Rockstars Aftershow 2016 in Cologne. We want to say THANK YOU to all attendees, sponsors, artists, the Bootshaus and everyone else who made this epic night happen.
Artists on stage: Chefboss, Captain Jack, Beginner Soundsystem, Oli P., Buzz-T, Das Bo & DJ Plazebo, DJ Schowi, Mixwell and Rednex.

German Recap:


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Online Marketing Rockstars verstehen sich als die unabhängige Informationsplattform für digitales Marketing.

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Festival Recap 2017 – Online Marketing Rockstars | OMR17

A big thanks to the Online Marketing Rockstars | OMR Family! Sponsors, fans, crew, artists, everyone! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done it without you! Come with us for a look back at #omr17.
Special thanks to the video team: director & producer: Hannes Holtermann; camera: Tobias Paul, Philipp Schluck; Assistant: Tom Heinrich; drone: Chris Albert; cutter: Nico Koenen.

Song Credit: Sum Wave – Mountain Downhill Part 1

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Was waren das für abgefahrene zwei Tage? Das OMR Festival 2017 ist vorbei und wir lassen jetzt einfach nur die Bilder sprechen. Nur zwei kleine Sachen: Danke an alle Besucher, Sponsoren, Helfer, Speaker und Künstler – ohne Euch kein #OMR17. Und danke an Das Video-Team: Regie & Produktion: Hannes Holtermann; Kamera: Tobias Paul, Philipp Schluck; Assistent: Tom Heinrich; Drohne: Chris Albert; Schnitt: Nico Koenen.

Featuring: Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, Beginner, Die Fantastischen Vier, Diana zur Löwen, Shirin David


At OMR, we see ourselves as an online marketing platform for industry professionals by industry professionals. In just over 5 years, we have grown from one-day workshop in Hamburg, Germany to a diversified platform that gives voice to the latest industry-wide trends and innovations. Our range of products include the annual OMR Festival with big-name international speakers, stellar networking opportunities and unique industry insights, our German and English-language blogs, our weekly podcasts, monthly reports, jobs portal, and many more. Our diversified product portfolio has reinforced our market position as an international event and media brand for the latest marketing trends and insights in Germany and beyond.

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