Top Digital Marketing Books 2018 – Recommended Books

Top Digital Marketing Books 2018 – Recommended Books

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“Specialised Knowledge is Power” : In marketing world the most essential asset of any professional/company is knowledge. More knowledge of a specific subject will give competitive advantage to the company. In today’s digital era one needs to gain more knowledge and implement new strategies to improve the business of the company.

Digital Marketing Industry is constantly changing and professionals need to update their skill set based on current trends. But in Digital Marketing the core concepts will always remain same no matter how many updates happen in the technologies. In this blog post I will give you recommendation for some classic books to learn marketing concepts, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing, ORM, inbound marketing, Google analytics etc

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[For Beginners to Advance] Best books to learn Digital Marketing in 2019

Here is the list of best digital marketing books, that will help you in learning digital marketing in 2019, skyrocket your career as Digital Marketing professional.

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Digital marketing literally means to advertise, buy and sell products and services online. Digital marketing has become very common among the public these days. There are many products which you can buy, sell and advertise on the internet. A recent study undertaken by a leading internet marketing magazine has shown that people are more and more getting inclined towards buying and selling online.

Digital marketing is the new face of internet marketing strategy. It is a phenomenon taking place everywhere these days. However doing marketing online is not all about just having a website. Of course, this is the first step towards online marketing strategies, but there are numerous other elements to this. In this age of mounting competition, it is imperative to have a web presence to sell your goods and services.These digital marketing books are full of the paramount techniques for you to optimize your website.

When a potential customer decides to look up a product that you sell, is he or she going to find your site or listing?

Being specific in the terms used on your site or listing is key, as keywords are what drive the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If your company sells shoes, it’s not enough to put the word “shoes” on your site–it has to be anticipatory to the searches that potential customers are doing.

Most customers have an idea of what they are looking for when doing a search, so instead of “shoes,” a customer will search for “imported Italian leather shoes.” Specific focusing of terminology and product listings are involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as SEO is driven by specific keywords and their repetition or location on a page.

If the term “Italian Leather Shoes” is used 15 times on a website, it will pop up higher on the rating listings than one with the same words, but only as a page heading or title.

It would be easy to go overboard on this if it were the only criteria, but it is only one of many different methods search engines use to list websites by relevance.

With a clear idea of where you want to go with digital marketing, it can be a valuable tool to expand your business into the digital realm, but be careful not to go overboard, as all marketing eventually crosses into the zone of limited return.

Customers are looking for what they want–it’s up to you to make sure they run into you, and the only way they will is for you to make sure your business is at the places they are going to go.

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How to Build Your Author Platform with Online Marketing and Social Media

Your author platform is key in today’s publishing arena, whether you’re self or traditionally published, and the best way to build your audience and control the conversation about you and your book is through your author website and social media. In this one-hour webinar, publishing, marketing, and PR expert Shari Stauch covers:
-Five key ingredients for a successful author website
-Tips for building a successful social networking platform to create a ready-made audience for your book
-Tips for posting content that will help you drill down to your audience