The Truth About Online Marketing & Are Social Media Ads Working For All Small Businesses?

Many people find online marketing confusing and don’t see the results they expected. In this episode, Christo and Franziska uncover the truth about online Marketing and the two most common mistakes business owners make! They also discuss how to make meetings as efficient as possible! Additionally, Franziska explains why Instagram and Facebook ads might not be ideal for businesses with a very niche target audience. 

02:02 The Truth About Marketing 

06:57 Are Instagram & Facebook Ads working for a small target audience? 

10:06 Weekly Social Media Wednesday Live Session

10:45 Book Recommendation: Meetings Suck & And How To Make Meetings more efficient 

15:36 Word of Wisdom

Entrepreneurs Guide To Chatbots In 2019 | Online Marketing

You’ve probably heard: Bots are the future. In fact, if you’re wondering today whether or not your business should create a bot, you’re asking the wrong question. Bot-powered commerce is our modern-day manifest destiny.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t screw it up.

I will cover the basic and what you need to know to develop chatbot to help get started and attract more customers.

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Mark Kostner – Developing An Online Marketing Strategy

With a plethora of online marketing options available how do you as a business owner know which are right for your business and your target market?

Business Owners Board guest speaker, Mark Kostner is a serial entrepreneur with a flair for online marketing, business systemization, importing, product development and investing.

Mark is passionate about sharing his business and online marketing knowledge with people. He loves helping business owners change the way they traditionally run their businesses.
By implementing innovative strategies and tools, business owners enable themselves to step back from the daily grind of running their business and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle. #bobPerth #bobEvent #bizownersboard