Bunny Terry – Tip #1 How to make time for online marketing

Success is simple, not easy. Setting aside 15 minutes a day is the perfect way to start posting to social media sites. And you want to do it consistently so that your online presence builds over time. It’s that simple! Let me know if I can help you with this process.

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Special Live-Event | Networking, Online Marketing für Immobilienmakler

Am Dienstag haben wir ein Special Live-Event für Euch. Willst Du mehr über Online Marketing und Networking für Immobilienmakler erfahren? Dann sei live dabei und lerne von meinen erfahrenen und erfolgreichen Guest Speaker Axel Kahn, Daniel Garofoli und Christian Schmitt.
Sei live dabei um 17:30 Uhr hier auf meinem Kanal.

Viel Spaß beim LiveStream

– Du hast aktuell zu wenig oder KEINE OBJEKTE in Deinem Bestand?
– Du willst wissen wie man Objekte erfolgreich akquiriert OHNE lästige Kaltakquise?
– Du willst wissen wie du Immobilieneigentümer dazu bekommst OHNE Widerstand und Misstrauen Dich zu ALLEINE zu beauftragen?

Dann schau’ einfach mal rein ins ONLINE MAKLER TRAINING (für Beginner und Fortgeschrittene) KLICKE HIER:

Für eine neue Perspektive auf das Thema AKQUISE, hier mein KOSTENLOSES WEBINAR:
“Die 3 größten Fehler bei der Immobilienakquise”
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In diesem Sinne & bis bald!

Vanessa Wenk

XALTUS your digital marketing video Coaching Cafe Grauer Esel Hamburg

Sie sind #Coach und suchen eine Inspiration für Ihr #Marketing_Video?

Werben Sie #catchy, erfolgreich und preiswert bei #Google, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, LinkedIn, VR & Co.
Sie möchten potentielle Kunden von den Vorteilen Ihrer #Beratungsleistung / Trainings überzeugen? Dann sind online Marketing Videos die richtige Wahl. Werben Sie bei Facebook, Instagram, youtube, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Co. – einzigartig, kreativ und preisgünstig. Gewinnen Sie Kunden mit eindrucksvollen Bildern und Informationen Ihrer #Seminare.

Dieses Video habe ich für Jo Riehle, „Resident-Coach“, Karriereberater und Gastronom im „Grauen Esel – Coaching Café“ in #Hamburg – #Harburg entwickelt und produziert. Vielen Dank für die wunderbare Zusammenarbeit 💪😊

Achtung, dies ist, wie alles auf allen meinen Kanälen: Werbung 😀

Zum „Grauen Esel – Coaching Café in Hamburg – Harburg” geht es hier entlang:

Email Marketing Best Practices | How GetResponse Makes Finding Coaching Clients Simple


In this video, I’m going to share email marketing best practices as they apply to coaching. I’ll also share an all-in-one online marketing platform that works great for finding coaching clients.

One reason why email marketing is such a smart method is because it works. Although not as new as other prospecting methods, it’s effective. It puts you into contact with your prospects and gives you the control that social media doesn’t always offer.

The reason for this is that with e-mail you own the playing field. You may get a lot of followers on Instagram or Facebook but if the algorithm were ever to change, it would become more difficult to get responses. However, when someone is on your email list you get access to them no matter what. This is one of the main reasons why it’s such a great method for finding coaching clients.

In terms of email marketing best practices, it’s vitally important to do behavior based marketing. You should be sending relevant emails according to people’s behavior. This is what is happening on the Internet and by mimicking this kind of targeted marketing, your ability to reach prospects will increase.

Now, in order to effectively implement an email marketing campaign, the best platform out there is GetResponse. With GetResponse, you can track your progress. Furthermore, everything is integrated, which makes managing your campaign simple.

With GetResponse, finding coaching clients becomes easy because it eliminates the need to learn some of the complicated steps of setting up a funnel. It does much of the work for you. This way, you can focus on creating a campaign that both adheres to email marketing best practices and allows you to build your business quickly.


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Warum Online-Marketing nicht die Lösung ist…

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50 Bücher, die du im Leben gelesen haben musst:
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I’m Back! Online Marketing, Coaching, and Motivation!

Yes! I’m back! And I’m giving away FREE 30-minute phone consultations to help you, which will help me build back my channel! Absolutely a win-win for both of us!

This is a VERY limited-time offer, but if you would like some help getting started with online marketing, WordPress, email, Clickfunnels, or anything else along those lines get in touch soon!

I don’t know how long I can make this offer, so act now while it’s still available!

More about me…

I have been involved with marketing, training, and technology, most of my adult life. I’ve been kind of retired and lazy for the last few years, but I’m back!

I’ve been doing ok in my little condo in Minnesota, but I’m getting very interested in having a nice place down south for the winters and I am not as comfortable financially as I’d like to be to make that move.

So in order for me to make that happen, I want to help you make whatever you’re looking for, happen.

So I’ll be posting all sorts of great stuff here on YouTube and other platforms, with the goal of helping others who are looking for some help in their own financial goals. I’ll be doing coaching , consulting, training, and motivating people who need help getting started or pushing on.

So be sure subscribe and hit the notification bell so you’ll be notified each time I upload a new video and check back often as I build this youtube channel!

Become an Online Marketing Expert in 5 Simple Steps

There is a shortcut to authority online. Get INSTANT ACCESS to 3-Part Training Series (a $97 value – Yours FREE!) at http://DavidnDana.instantauthoritytraining.com/

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Become an Online Marketing Expert in 5 Simple Steps

What if you didn’t have to chase and beg anyone ever again, because EVERYBODY was flocking to you instead? Have you ever imagined what would happen if your market perceived you as bringing exceptional value to their lives?

In this video, we explain how to become that online marketing expert people trust and give you 5 simple steps. Or read the full blogpost here: https://www.davidndana.com/become-an-online-marketing-expert-in-5-simple-steps/

POSITIONING plus PROCESS equals PROFITS. Online marketing experts in demand have figured out how to position themselves wisely. To position yourself well, you need to know your niche well. That is, who you are serving. Understand the arena in which you serve, learn the needs of the people you serve, and know the unique value you bring to that marketplace.

Learn about your niche and help your target market as a way to attract them. When you attract with value and not just fluff, people remember.

Well, we’ve already given you some great pointers at becoming more of an authority. Let’s now explore our Five Simple Steps to Build Your Authority.

1. Fix Your Mindset.

This is a critical first step. Nothing will work if you don’t work on your mindset first. You need to crush your limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that you ARE the expert already.

2. Know Your Target Market.

Do you know who you are trying to serve in the first place? When marketers are wishy-washy on who they serve, they serve no one. Be CRYSTAL CLEAR on who your perfect audience is. We’ve got a target market worksheet for folks in our community. We’d be happy to give you more information upon request.

3. Find Your Tribe.

Once you know who you are looking to serve, you need to know how to go find them. Learn to leverage the internet; there are all sorts of ways you can meet people and begin relationship building. We talk about some of these in our 5-day workshop: https://www.davidndana.com/facebook-recruiting-workshop

4. Get Attention.

You want people to notice you. After all, you’ve got a lot to offer. The best way is to post consistently and be seen on different platforms.

When you are first getting started, it is best to pick ONE platform. But, no matter the number of platforms, you need to be consistent.

The other even more important thing to remember is to have valuable content. We’ve got lots of training on this kind of content creation and prospecting in our community.

5. Be The Leader to Follow.

Don’t ever stop learning and growing yourself. When you continue to grow and improve your own skills daily, you increase the value you provide to your audience.

It’s super important to understand the big Picture, the process. Bringing value is just one (but one very important) piece of the “PROCESS.” Remember the equation. POSITIONING plus PROCESS equals PROFITS.

When we get the process right, profits follow. Other process items include: content, lead generation tactics, funnels, copywriting, autoresponders, and much more. We are happy to provide our clients training and real-life examples of all these types of marketing tools.

To learn more about the PROCESS piece of the equation, we recommend a powerful and innovative system that bundles tools, training, and a supportive community. And, for a limited time, we are offering the Secret Social Blueprint ($27 value) for FREE with each 10-day trial membership of that system: http://davidndana.secretsocialblueprint.com. That blueprint will show you HOW TO:
• Attract unlimited prospects, customers, and reps via social media
• Brand YOU while you strengthen your team and your residuals
• Close the sale with battle-tested social media scripts that convert
• Create powerful relationships without spamming or feeling “salesy”
• Attract new fans and followers daily… and turn them into BUYERS
• Turn the conversation to business fast so you stop wasting your time


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Mehr Umsatz als Done4You-Dienstleister & Performance-Marketing Agentur!

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Hier wirst du geschult, um lokale Unternehmen zu beraten. Du hast als Kunde außerdem die Chance direkt als Dienstleister für uns zu arbeiten und Geld zu verdienen, während du aus der Praxis lernst. Klicke dazu hier →→ https://www.localmessage.de/video/

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Nico Lampe
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WARUM dieses Video?
Meine Passion ist es Angestellten und Selbstständigen mehr freie Lebenszeit durch automatisiertes Online-Marketing zu schenken.

Business Coaching für Online Marketing Coach – Markus Baulig berät Roman Vinogradov & Waldemar Wall

Bewirb dich jetzt auf ein kostenloses Erstberatungsgespräch: https://www.andreasbaulig.de

In diesem spannenden Video coacht Markus Baulig unsere Kunden Roman Vinogradov & Waldemar Wall.

Roman & Waldemar zeigen Selbstständigen, wie sie ihre eigene Online Marketing Agentur aufbauen können und lassen sich in diesem Video von Markus Baulig persönlich dazu beraten, wie sie ihr Geschäft schnellst möglich auf 6-stellige Monatsumsätze skallieren können.

Fotografie & Emotionales Online-Marketing – Nina Schnitzenbaumer | Tobias Beck

Abonniere den Kanal für mehr Videos dieser Art – Klicke hier:

Für Nina Schnitzenbaumer gibt es nichts schöneres, als die strahlenden Augen ihrer Coaching Teilnehmer zu sehen, wenn sie ihrem Ziel vom eigenen (Foto-)Business einen Schritt näher kommen. Schon immer hat es sie fasziniert, neue Menschen kennenzulernen und dann später auch, mit ihnen arbeiten zu dürfen. Mit der Fotografie ist sie schon früh in Kontakt gekommen  – nachdem sie Film an der Hochschule Darmstadt studierte, machte sie ihr Hobby zum Beruf. Ihr Herz hat sie mittlerweile vollkommen ihrem eigenen Business als Fotografin und Marketing Coach geschenkt. In ihrem eigenen 150 qm Altbau Tageslicht Atelier gibt sie ihre Workshops und Personal Coachings und liebt es jeden Tag aufs Neue, Menschen auf ihrem Weg zum ihrem eigenen Business zu unterstützen und zu begleiten.

http://tobias-beck.com/masterclass 25% Rabatt mit dem Gutschein “Podcast25”


Coach für Kreative



Coaching Live

Tobias Beck – Internationaler Speaker, Berater, Dozent

Tobias Beck

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Hier Abonnieren und kein Video verpassen!

Willkommen auf meinem Channel, und danke dass Du meine Videos schaust! Hier zeige ich Dir wie Du den Superstar in Deinem Leben zurückeroberst. Warum das nur ohne Bewohner gelingt, weshalb Du Haien keine Blumen schenken solltest, Papa immer Bonbons dabei hat und was das alles jetzt bitteschön mit Dir zu tun haben soll?

Finden wir es heraus, gemeinsam! 🙂


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