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In this 5 minute series especially designed for Net / Set Commerce & Management aspirants, we are going to regularly cover some of the very important topics relevant for our examination in a precise and to the point manner.

In this video we have discussed about the topic – Digital Marketing

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Le marketing digital, c’est quoi ?

Le marketing digital, ce n’est pas que pour les grandes enseignes. Artisans, commerçants, indépendants, PME/PMI, vous pouvez augmenter votre visibilité et votre notorité sur Internet. Il suffit de trouver les bonnes solutions. Vous voulez en savoir plus ? Direction :

Rennes School of Business MSc in Digital Marketing and Communication

Retrouvez le REPLAY et l’ANALYSE faits par Campus-Channel de ce programme ici :

Clara KOETZ – Programme Director
Laura PARRA RUIZ – Student
Paula URREA DE AVILA – Student

00:16 The Pitch
01:35 Why study digital marketing in France, in English? The connection is not as evident as studying international politics in a foreign country. What’s the advantage?
03:46 What are you looking for in our interview? What can we expect?
06:13 Hi. How much emphasis does this program place on social media versus other online channels?
08:20 Do you offer any courses on data analytics and reporting?
10:03 I took most of the classes in your master curriculum in undergrad in the US, so is this French master the equivalent of a US bachelor?
12:28 Are there opportunities for real-world projects with companies during this program?
14:28 Three Words Max Taboo
16:43 What is life in Rennes like for students? Is the city open to foreigners?
18:14 How is creativity addressed in this program? Communication after all is about getting someone’s attention and effectively conveying a message.
19:59 How does this program address differing privacy laws between countries and regulators?
20:51 Guest change
21:19 Paula, what have been the most valuable assignments for learning and growing?
23:27 What is the international strategic management session abroad in the curriculum, and is there an extra cost?
25:30 What are the job opportunities once I graduate? Could I get a job in France?
27:19 Final Destination
29:46 What corporate partnerships do you have that help students connect with companies for internship and job opportunities?
31:48 I would like to specialize in luxury marketing. Is it possible to have a specific focus in this program?
33:07 Hello my academic background is in literature and no professional experience. Could I still be accepted into this program?
34:51 Can you tell me more about the graduating project, please? Is this a company project?
37:02 A French friend told me a candidate’s competitive edge and starting salary depends on what business school you went to. How does Rennes School of Business rank for getting jobs in Paris?
37:58 The Sweetest

Konversion und Recht: Stark auf allen Kanälen! Masterclass Online Marketing Rockstars 2019

Es wird Online-Händlern nicht leicht gemacht, bei den Themen Konversion und Rechtssicherheit auf der sicheren Seite zu sein. Beide Aspekte sind jedoch elementar wichtig, um finanziellen Erfolg zu garantieren und Abmahnungen zu vermeiden. Wie also verknüpft man diese Touchpoints der Customer Journey?

In unserer Masterclass auf den Online Marketing Rockstars 2019 beleuchten Marketing-Expertin Britta Kristin Böhle und Jurist Dr. Carsten Föhlisch, wie man Online-Shops konversionsstark und rechtssicher aufbaut.

Es werden Kanäle wie Suchmaschinen, Social Media und E-Mail Marketing betrachtet, bevor relevante Stellen im Online-Shop besprochen werden. Neben einem Rückblick auf den letztjährigen Datenschutz-Hammer DSGVO stehen auch aktuelle Entwicklungen im Fokus – zum Beispiel die Geoblocking-Verordnung.

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KEDGE Business School – MSc Digital Marketing & sales

Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here:

Aleksej HEINZE – Associate Professor in Digital Marketing

00:17 The Pitch
01:39 What determines which year we enter? Whether we do 1 or 2 years?
03:19 Should I have coding experience to apply for this program?
05:40 Even though the program is in English, do we take French language classes?
07:28 What is the international recognition and accreditation of this master?
08:52 Can you tell me more about the KEDGE Marseille campus in Paris, please?
11:17 Can you tell us more about the students’ background?
14:39 I saw on the specialization course “Hackathon” and “Boot Camp”. Can you explain what it is? Thank you
16:17 Three Words Max Taboo
19:08 Does this program include courses on big data and machine learning?
21:29 What makes the French tech community unique and different from the US or Chinese tech community?
24:11 What are the job opportunities for graduates with this degree?
26:43 In the Disrupt your Mind seminar, how do you get students to “think outside of the box” as you say when you didn’t even “think outside the box” of this cliché?
27:55 Final Destination
29:44 How does this program address differing privacy laws between the EU and the US?
31:38 Could I work for luxury brands with this master? Is there a way to specialize?
34:04 What corporate partnerships do you have that help students connect with companies for internship and job opportunities?
35:09 Is this program all about marketing and analytics to sell more stuff online for e-commerce companies?
36:37 Is there campus housing available?
37:37 Hi. Is this program right for me if I would like to continue to get a PhD focusing on business evolution in the digital age?
39:38 The Sweetest

EN – SKEMA Business School – MSc Digital Marketing

Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here:

00:12 The Pitch
01:38 What are some of the companies we get to work on the program business projects and what are the assignments?
03:46 Can you give more information on the additional Google and PMI certifications this master’s delivers?
06:58 If we are doing real work for companies, do we get paid for it?
09:10 I know you say there are a lot of tech companies on the French Riviera, but are there more in Paris?
11:37 What scholarships do you offer to help with tuition?
12:13 How much direct contact do we have with the company’s on the real-world project? Do grads ever get hired?
14:49 Three Words Max
16:03 Where do the teachers come from? Are they academics or full-time employees in companies?
18:15 Do I need to speak French for this program? Are classes offered?
20:49 I have been working as a social media community manager the last three years. Can my professional experience validate related courses?
23:06 There are a lot of classes on project management in the second module that all sound the same. What’s the difference?
25:35 Where do students usually live? I’ve heard it’s hard to find housing as a foreigner.
26:42 What’s the average salary for jobs after this program?
30:08 What’s the average of scores on the GRE and GMAT of applicants?
30:45 The Expert Question
30:57 The Expert Question: The job market for digital marketing jobs seems to be growing but becoming more and more saturated with qualified candidates. How does your program position graduates for top consideration?
34:43 What’s student life like at Sophia-Antipolis? Are there associations or activity groups?
37:27 Does this school have career services or job fairs to help us find internships and jobs?
39:58 Conclusion

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