How to create content Online Marketing Newbie Pro Tv Ep 47 | Prebuilt Marketing

How to create content Online is one of the
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most frequently asked questions by online marketers. Today, Arne aka The Entrepreneur Dude will give you 3 avenues for your content marketing strategy. If you plan on being in the internet marketing space for a while you will need this content creation info for your content marketing plan.

So you’ve probably thought about how to create great online content many times but now let’s talk about the process and the reason why content marketing is so important.

The content marketing plan really follows a simple road map and is important because without the content your business is just a hobby. The first step is that your posts, articles, ads, etc. must catch the eye of the target audience you are trying to market to. Think of Gary V, the well known outspoken Entrepreneur and watch some of the things he does and says to get people’s attention.

2. If you want to get followers your content has to resonate with the needs or wants of people you want to attract to your offers. Content marketing 2019 requires great headlines etc. to get attention and to keep the viewers reading your material. In your Facebook content marketing strategy or a Digital marketing strategy, each line of text you use must push the reader to the next sentence creating customer engagement. This is true in a video content marketing strategy as well.

3. So now you have customer engagement and hopefully, your lead opts in which should trigger your email marketing campaign. This tool actually comes with an email series ready to go when you promote this via the prebuilt ai system. There is a link below to a Live Demo down below in this description.

4. The email marketing series continually sends out emails to further give the customer value and details the benefits of AIMI. The money may be in the list but the follow up is where the magic happens.

Click this link to watch this tool in action now:

See you on the inside!

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing | Most Important Online Marketing Segment

#Content_Marketing & #Inbound_Marketing are the two most important segment for #Digital_Marketing,
Without quality content writing, there is no hope of getting good search engine rankings. Quality content writing is the most important part of your SEO.

Inbound marketing plays an important role in the web-based business. It is inbound marketing strategies only which help you to attract visitors toward your website and turn them into sales.

#ContentMarketing: Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

#InboundMarketing: Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t want, inbound marketing forms connections they’re looking for and solves problems they already have.

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Content Marketing die besten Strategien wie Sie 2019 Content-Marketing und Storytelling kombinieren

Content Marketing die besten Strategien wie Sie Contentmarketing und Storytelling kombinieren

Wie Du Storytelling für Dein Unternehmen umsetzen kannst, lernst Du in meiner kostenlosen Masterclass:

Sie fragen sich vielleicht, warum ich die Checkliste zum Blockbuster Storyskript kostenlos anbiete.

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Wir coachen Unternehmer mit unserem Blockbuster StorySkript, Ihre Business-Kommunikation zu einer klaren Botschaft in einer spannenden Geschichte zu verdichten und sich damit von der gesamten Konkurrenz abzuheben.

Das Resultat: Mehr Kunden als je zuvor.

Vereinbaren Sie jetzt hier einen kostenfreien Beratungstermin:

Hochwertige Produkte und Dienstleistungen sind oft komplex und deshalb nicht leicht zu erklären. Fallstudien, spannende Geschichten und ein guter “Wortschmied” als Coach unterstützen Sie dann, Ihre Botschaft so klar zu formulieren, wie Wittgenstein es verlangt:

Ihre Kunden lieben Klarheit und hassen Verwirrung: Deshalb kaufen sie hochwertige Produkte, die sie sofort verstehen – wir zeigen Ihnen das Wie.

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Problemlos Content Marketing Strategie entwickeln

CONTENT MARKETING: Dein Produkt perfekt vermarkten!

Marketing einfach erklärt, marketing definition, best marketing strategies

Der marketing mix setzt marketingstrategien in konkrete aktionen um.

Der marketing­-mix bestimmt wie ein produkt vermarktet wird.

Die 4 p‘s stellen die instrumente des marketing mix dar:..

Video marketing deutsch- das erfolgsrezept von video marketing .

Storytelling marketing deutsch –

Content Marketing in 3 Minuten erklärt

Marketing deutsch – wenn es sich besser anhört als es ist digital marketing online marketing social media marketing

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What Does Content Marketing Look Like in 2019 | Neil Patel

In this video I’m going to share with you what content marketing looks like in 2019.

The blogosphere is competitive. There’s over a billion blogs. That’s one blog for every seven people. How are you going to compete? What is content marketing going to look now in today’s competitive environment?

How many of you push out content and get very little traffic to it? In 2019 content won’t rank as well as it used to. Today I’m going to share with you how to get content marketing work for your business in 2019.


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“SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019”:

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See in 2019 content won’t rank as well as it used to. Yes they say content is king, but you already know there’s over a billion blogs. Nowadays Google isn’t just picking from, hey what content do we wanna rank, ’cause we lack content. They’re like, we have content on everything under the sun, and the same thing a hundred other times. So now they’re just not picking, what content do we wanna rank? They’re looking at authority, user metrics, they’re even looking at when was the content created. Why would they wanna rank a content that’s two years old, when they can rank something that’s less than one week old. So when it comes to content marketing in 2019, you need to make sure that your content’s also being up to date. If you don’t update your old content, you’re not going to get as much love as people who’re continually pushing out new fresh content.

Second tip I have for you is don’t regurgitate the same information over and over again. People are tired of reading 12 SEO tips that’ll double your traffic. You can google it, there’s probably different variations of that number, but there’s probably hundreds of articles on that subject. Write something new, fresh, that hasn’t been seen before, you’re more likely to get traffic, rankings, and even social shares.

I know you’re not gonna like this third tip, but the third tip for you guys is to create video and audio based content. Text is overrated, it doesn’t help you connect with people as much as video. I still love text, I still crank out text, but the future is video. It’s much more personable, people get to know you, your personality, your company better. So create video based content, upload it to YouTube, Linkedin, heck you can even do Twitter and Instagram if it’s short enough, and of course Facebook. Don’t share the same video over and over again, like sharing your YouTube video on Facebook. You gotta take that video all over again, and reupload it into Facebook. Linkedin for example, you gotta reupload the video all over again versus sharing the link to that Facebook video. Or that YouTube video. Now with audio you wanna create a podcast, it’s easy, you can just bust out your phone, create a audio file, upload it to Itunes or Lip Sync, and you’re off and to the races. Same with video, you don’t actually have to go into a studio like I am, and shoot all these fancy videos and pay money. You can just bust out your phone. I would even say most the time, from all the tests we’ve ran, the videos that you end up running on your iPhone convert better if you’re selling a product or service. So there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Just look at Tai Lopez, he’s known for just busting out his phone, and recording videos and it does very well for him.

And the last tip I have for you is promoting your content. In 2019 you gotta spend more time promoting than writing.

#NeilPatel #ContentMarketing #SEO

The Future of Digital Marketing According to Neil Patel

Tune in to hear Neil discuss the future of digital marketing and what you can do to stay on top.


[00:54] Today’s Topic: The Future of Digital Marketing According to Neil Patel
[01:30] When you work with companies of all sizes, you notice trends and patterns in the industry.
[02:40] I see every single side of marketing.
[03:20] There are at least a billion blogs on the Internet.
[03:30] Do we honestly need this many blogs?
[04:15] All companies are leveraging digital marketing.
[06:22] We are all worried about another recession.
[06:32] However, during the last recession, Google’s revenue went up.
[07:32] Marketing is going omni-channel.
[07:47] Google has the majority of the revenue, with Facebook a close second.
[10:06] In general, social shares are declining.
[10:25] Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content.
[12:25] If you don’t keep updating your content, you won’t maintain your rankings.
[14:11] Conversion rate optimization is not sexy, but it’s effective.
[14:35] It’s the smallest investment with the biggest ROI.
[17:09] There are so many tools to use to compare your competitors stats with your own.
[19:45] Growing traffic used to be a manual process, but can easily be automated using Clickflow.
[24:05] Uber and Dropbox came in with so much hype, but when they went public, their stocks didn’t do as well.
[24:40] For visibility and omni-channel marketing, always use the Rule of Seven.
[27:01] Email and push notifications are still a great way to market.
[30:00] The more you focus on conversions, the better off you will be.
[30:14] Conventional CRO tactics won’t work anymore.
[32:55] Personalized messaging is a great tactic.
[33:12] Chat is responsible for 28% of Neil’s sales.
[36:15] Anything you do in marketing and business should be researched and tested.
[37:12] That’s it for today!
[37:26] We are going to take applications for live intensive sessions. Just go to the Marketing School site for more information and to apply.


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– Nắm bắt các xu hướng lớn định hình nền kinh doanh toàn cầu nhằm xây dựng chiến lược Markteting song hành với bối cảnh và đón đầu xu hướng 4.0.
– Sử dụng thành thạo các công cụ, biểu mẫu để đánh giá, đo lường tiến độ và hiệu quả triển khai hoạt động Marketing.
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Beginner Affiliate Marketing | How To Create Content When You Are New

Stumped as to how to create content for others when you are brand new yourself? I’ll tell you how!
Our #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online:

Beginner Affiliate Marketing | How To Create Content When You Are New


If you are just beginning affiliate marketing you may be wondering how in the world do you start creating content when you are brand new and don’t yet have results.

No worries! Learn how to create content and form a solid content marketing strategy to create success in your affiliate marketing business in 2019.

Affiliate marketing is simpler than most people realise and they over complicate it. I break down exactly how to start creating success for beginner affiliate marketers right from the beginning.


Affiliate Marketing Programs | The One That Paid Us $250k Last Year

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | How To Make Sales When You’re New

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | How To Get Repeat Customers

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | 3 Steps To Finding The Best Offers To Promote

What is Affiliate Marketing | How to Make $100 per day

What Is Affiliate Marketing? | How To Make A Full-Time Income Online For Beginners








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#BeginnerAffiliateMarketing #CreateContent #AffiliateMarketing

5 Content Marketing Erfolgsfaktoren für 2019 | morefire

Erfahre hier 5 Erfolgsfaktoren, die dein Content Marketing in 2019 nach vorne bringen! 🚀 Welche Faktoren sind 2019 besonders wichtig für ein erfolgreiches Content Marketing? Wir haben für dich 5 Content Marketing Erfolgsfaktoren Aspekte einer guten Content Marketing Strategie zusammengefasst.

🔔 Verpasse keine Online Marketing Insights mehr und abonniere unseren Kanal: 🔔
🔥 Mehr Infos zu #morefireOnlineMarketing 👉
🔥 Wie unsere SEO-Expertise aussieht? Sieh selbst 👉
🔥 Hier geht’s zum Blogartikel mit 2 weiteren Faktoren für erfolgreiches Content Marketing in 2019 ➡

👉 Content Marketing Strategie und Marketing Automation
🔥 Die Content Marketing Strategie bildet mit der Marketing Automation schon seit geraumer Zeit eine Synergie. Das Content Marketing stellt die Inhalte für die potenziellen Kunden bereit und Marketing Automation hilft dabei den Erfolg der Content Marketing Strategie zu analysieren und zu bewerten. Durch die Marketing Automation wird die Zielgruppe Schritt für Schritt durch die Customer Journey geleitet.

👉 Aufbau einer loyalen Zielgruppe & Fokussierung auf Engagement
🔥 Allerdings setzen immer mehr Unternehmen auf Content Marketing und das führt zu einem stärkeren Wettbewerb in diesem Segment. Darauf reagieren einige Unternehmen mit Clickbait Strategien, die allerdings langfristig zu einem Vertrauensverlust führen. Deshalb gilt es hochwertige Inhalte anzubieten: Qualität vor Quantität. Das resultiert in besserer und langfristiger Kundenbindung. In den USA ist Engagement bereits einer der führenden KPI, denn Interaktionen auf dem bereitgestellten Content sorgen für mehr Reichweite.

👉 Die Aufmerksamkeit aufrechterhalten
🔥 Gedächtnisse wie Goldfische sind ein altbekanntes Phänomen in unserer Gesellschaft, deswegen setzen einige Marketer auf sehr kurzweilige Inhalte, den “Snackable Content”. Allerdings sind auch gegensätzliche Entwicklungen festzumachen, wie passt der stundenlange Konsum der Lieblingsserien in das Phänomen der verminderten Aufmerksamkeitsspanne? Spannendes Storytelling und die richtige Dramaturgie werden deswegen 2019 ein entscheidender Erfolgsfaktor sein.

👉 LinkedIn als B2B Content-Distributions-Kanal
🔥 Im B2B Bereich wird das Berufsnetzwerk LinkedIn immer wichtiger und das vor allem international. Obgleich bei LinkedIn keine direkten Leads generiert werden, eignet es sich hervorragend, um zu deinen Kunden eine lange und treue Bindung aufzubauen. Auf LinkedIn ist es (noch) vergleichsweise einfach große Reichweiten zu generieren. Das kann durch eine durchdachte Hashtag Strategie geschehen oder durch die Einbindungen von nativen Videos. Achte darauf, dass Personen die Inhalte verfassen, diese stoßen auf mehr Engagement, als postende Unternehmen.

👉 Content Distribution und Kooperation
🔥 Im Content Marketing reicht SEO einfach nicht aus, da die Optimierungsergebnisse erst langfristig sichtbar sind. Bei aktuellen Themen oder Themen, die kein Suchvolumen haben, ist das nicht ausreichend. Distributionsmöglichkeiten durch Native Advertising, Advertorials und Social Ads können Abhilfe schaffen und sind bei größerem Wettbewerb entscheidend. Auch Influencer können deinem Produkt oder deiner Dienstleistung in diesem Zusammenhang zu mehr Reichweite verhelfen.

#ContentMarketing #ContentDistribution

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What’s New in Content Marketing Update for 2019

Content Marketing Update for 2019

In the past, publishing content on the internet was the solution to get found.
In 2019 with approximately 4.5 billion pages on the internet, Google has enough content to link to for any search performed.
Now how can you still gain visibility

I’d like to start with a question for you.
Do you use videos for your content?
If yes, reply with yes in the comment below
If not leave a comment with no.

As you know content is king.
In order to be listed in Google for a certain topic, you must have content about it.
With so much content already existing about everything in 2019, how can you make sure that you are still visible?

If Google has the choice of many pages for the same search,
which one do you think it will list between
shorter and longer ones
older and newest?
Google’s duty is to return the most relevant
but also the most complete
and up-to-date content
So, apart from creating new content based on your keyword research related to your services and products
you need to update your existing content
What is nice is that when you update it and add additional new up-to-date information, it will not only be fresh but also longer
One stone 2 birds to adapt to 2019’s needs

Google also monitors the behaviour of the users
What do they do with your content
If they share it, add comments to it
This will show Google that your content is useful
So added value content is still the priority
This is logic, you want to contribute
But you can trigger this social engagement
with questions like I asked at the beginning of this video
Suggest to share, like, comment
Share it yourself on your facebook page, Linkedin, tweeter Instagram Pinterest etc

A post where you just share a link toward your blog, website or youtube video, for example, will not be shown much
Facebook, for example, is showing less and fewer posts with external links
Don’t just share repurpose by editing it, make a short version as a teaser
upload it as new unique content.
Engage your readers and post the link for further reading as answers to questions in the comments
Social engagement is getting more and more important. This is how search engines get the confirmation that your content is liked by the readers

Provide new, different content, see what is out there for the topic you want to talk about and be different
People don’t want to see the same over and over again.
Be different, give the missing part that no-one else provides
Have a different approach, give lots of added value
This is what makes users subscribe, share and come again

For sure SEO your content onpage
to make sure it can well be understood by Search Engines
and especially in 2019, offpage
Make sure many other websites refer to your content
Not only social media but reference websites from your industry

The last tip I will share here now is:
In our SEO lab, we see that in 2018 the use of videos has grown drastically
There are predictions out there saying that in 2019 80 % of the time spent online will be to watch videos
It’s not that difficult to create videos
For sure, your company presentation and products will need professional videos that fit your branding
But contributions videos, tips, and tricks
can be done even with a good mobile phone and an external microphone.
It’s fast and easy to do
Our tests showed that videos done on the fly from your mobile convert even better, It’s more personal and this is what users want.
The good news is, if you embed your video in your text content it will also boost your ranking in Google
As you know at FairTech we love to do actions that give multiple outcomes
This is what makes our OMM formula so successful.
And this is one of those actions we do for our clients
Make sure to do the same for your content too
Videos will also have a 3rd outcome
They will make that people know you, your services and product better.
In order to have someone buy from you because of you, you need a min of 8h face to face contact… this is a lot.
Do you have so much direct contact with each of your leads, before they become clients?
The good news is, the time they watch your videos, also counts as a face to face discussion
Believe me, it works.
So one stone 3 birds
Share your videos content the same way I mentioned just before for your content in general.
Don’t just share it, upload it as fresh content into Facebook and other social media you use

If you need personal mentoring or to outsource your online marketing check out our agency.


Video and search: YouTube, Google, the alternatives and the future

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How to Increase Content Engagement? Reinventing Content Marketing with Nick Mason #OnlineMarketing

How to increase content engagement? A London-based company has set its sights on revolutionising content engagement by creating a new platform built around improved user experience for readers.

Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl, took part in a ProfileTree video interview to explain that his tool doesn’t just make great content easier to read, but also easier to create and easier to measure too.

He began by outlining how Turtl had been developed with its foundations in the science of how people read.

“My own background is in science. I was always interested in science from a relatively young age.

“I did a maths and physics degree, and you come out from that with one or two options: you either go into finance or you can be a mad scientist. Neither of those particularly appealed to me.

“I was always interested in computers so I taught myself to programme, doing websites for people and making applications and doing stuff like that. I did that as a consultant for around six or seven years.

“People kept asking me to work on products for them, so I fell into doing that. I was doing a product for Oxford Medical Sciences and bumped into some really interesting people, particularly from the psychology and psychiatry departments, and they shared information about how we read, how we process information and how we understand what we are reading.”

When friends involved in content marketing sent Nick material in PDF format he realised psychology and his own research could be used to create a better solution.

“We have a proprietary format allowing you to read in a more immersive and natural way. By using that format in A/B trials we typically improved metrics by anything up to seven times in terms of share rate, average reading times and all kinds of things across the board.

“We allow anyone to create things in that format, you don’t need to be a designer or developer. You just go in and create. Some of our customers have upwards of 100 licences, and they aren’t technical or design people but they’re going in and creating great stuff.

“We also provide really detailed analytics showing where people are clicking, where they’re dropping off, where they’re spending time at an aggregate level and also on an individual level.”

This last benefit brings obvious benefits to a sales team, who can see if a potential customer was mostly interested in, say, price information or technical details.

But why does how the information is presented have such a major role in this end result?

“Marshall McLuhan had a famous pronouncement that ‘the medium is the message’, and what he means is that the way in which you transmit the message fundamentally affects the way in which that message is received.

“We want to move away from big, static blocks of text into something more engaging, more interactive and more visually appealing.”

The success of Turtl comes at a time when the continuing power of content marketing is understood by businesses who want to work smarter online.

“It’s a way to get closer to people without being so direct as, when it’s done well, you’re talking with someone rather than talking at them. Rather than just saying ‘this is what we do, this is our product, do you want to buy it or do you not’ you can get alongside them and show that they you understand the same things they understand, that you like the same things they like and you start to teach them things.

“You get into the position of being a trusted adviser as, if you’re writing about the stuff they’re interested in and giving them ideas and tips, it becomes a very natural thing for them to buy from you.

“That’s why I think it is so effective and business continue to spend more and more money on it.”

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How to Increase Content Engagement? Reinventing Content Marketing with Nick Mason #OnlineMarketing

Our video interview with Turtl CEO and Founder Nick Mason explores a new approach to content engagement plus the impact this can have on content marketing and on online marketing too.

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