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What’s up guys? My name’s Taylor Timothy, and the thing is with online marketing, there’s so many different tools out there that you can be using to generate more leads and sells. Now what I’ve done is I’ve created an entire resource list. Basically all the tools I use to ensure that I get more leads and sales from my clients. So if you’re looking to use more tools and get more tools and hone your skills and expand your resources, feel free to download my checklist. That’s going to help you guys implement these resources into your business and help you get more leads and sells. Other than that, guys, don’t forget to download it and piece.

Ep.42 Online Marketing Lingo

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Introduction to The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 42

Episode 42 of the online marketing podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. In today’s kind of a little bit different episode. I’m going to have a little fun with this one, but we’re going to be talking about online marketing lingo. So let’s not waste any more time dive right in.

First thing, we’re going to talk about his impressions. So what does an impression mean? You know, we have impressions over on Google paid ads, we have impressions inside of Seo, we have impressions inside of Facebook and Instagram ads. Basically the impression is someone has seen that ad. So you could have a thousand people, but you might have 10,000 impressions, meaning these people have seen a ton of your ad over and over and over again. So that’s basically how impressions works. Uh, one of the key indicators do I worry about impressions when looking into my ads? I do a little bit, uh, but it’s not one of the driving factors of if these ads are performing or not. So impressions, something to look into, but I personally don’t really worry about my impressions too much. Second thing is reach. So reach is the number of impressions like divided by the person.

So the reach is the actual person that has seen the ad. So if you have a reach of 10,000, that means 10,000 people have seen your ad. So impressions and reach kind of go hand in hand. So as far as reach goes, one of the big indicators and factors with reach is going into how many times have these people actually senior ads? So inside of Facebook, uh, you can go over and hit the dropdown. There’s a thing called delivery, uh, once your delivery is up past four, we talked about that on episode 24. Um, but basically once your reach, um, once your delivery is passed for, you probably need to go back to the drawing board and kick out the ads and restart maybe new offer and different things like that. Third one is quality score. So quality score you’re going to find over on your search campaigns inside of Google paid ads.

This is one of the big indicators for you if your ads are performing. So Quality Score, I recommend you have a six or higher. Um, few episodes back, we talked about quality score, but the quality score is going to allow you to see how well your ads are performing against everyone else. So it’s going to be a combination of how much you’re spending along with, uh, your click through rate. So if you have a high click through rate and you’re spending a lot of money, you might have a higher quality score and ranking higher than everybody else. But if your quality score is lower than a six, I recommend going back to the drawing board may be spending more money, maybe changing out all of the copy. The fourth one is relevant score. You’re going to find the relevant score over on Facebook. So over on Facebook they actually just made a change.

So a few episodes back, I talked about this change, but now the relevance score used to be a number and now it’s gone to a completely different system. But as far as the relevance score goes, now I used to say six or above. But now with relevance score, you need to have above or above average. If you’re not getting those again, you might need to change out your targeting, your ads and different things like that. Next thing is CTR. So CTR does not mean choose the right people. It means click through rate. So the CTR stands for click through rate. And basically what that’s indicating is impressions divided by clicks. So the click through rate is going to allow you to see how many times people are actually clicking on your ads. So with your click through rate over on Facebook, I recommend having a 1.5% or higher.

The higher the click through rate, the better. So 1.5% or higher over on Facebook. On Google paid search, I recommend a 6% or higher and over on Youtube. But what I’ve been seeing on Youtube is a 0.5% on your click through. So these are some of the big indicators. If your ads are performing is your click through rate. Number six, we’re going to be talking about a USP and a UVP. So these are actually the same thing. Some people look at them a little differently, but USP stands for unique selling proposition. So it’s your lead magnet or your offer and your UVP is your unique value proposition. So like I said, they’re kind of the same thing. Um, but basically the USP and the UVP needs to be solving their problem and needs to be fixing their issues. Number seven, landing page. So what is a landing page?

Ep. 41 What Businesses Need for Online Marketing

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Introduction to The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 41

Episode 41 of the marketing life podcast. This is Taylor Timothy, your host. So today we’re all going to be talking about as what businesses need for online marketing. So basically I’m going to just share some tips and tricks. This isn’t everything that a business needs for online marketing. I could spend hours just talking about that, but these are some of the most important things I see on my end that businesses need when they’re trying to push their efforts online. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

The first thing we’re gonna talk about is actually great product or service. So bad products online with gray online marketing can destroy that business completely and make it so that business does not exist. Good products with great marketing or even okay marketing can definitely push this business up and this business is scalable at that point. But to give you an example of having a bad product or service a story, a company came to me and basically said, hey, we want to do some online marketing stuff and we really need to push this inventory. So basically what happened is we told them they need to probably fix this problem, but they said, no, we still want, we still want to do online marketing and we want to push this stuff. And we said, okay, we’ll do it. So long story short, two years later, the company didn’t even exist.

The product was bad, the product didn’t, did, had tons of problems with it and got tons of bad reviews. So like I said, to give you guys the example, if you have bad products and you’re doing good online marketing, it will completely destroy the business. If you have good products and great marketing, I promise you that product is scalable and you can grow that company drastically. Second thing I want to talk about is lead magnets or offers. Talked about this a few episodes back. Uh, but basically you need to have a guide of the video series. A webinar. Maybe it’s an audit or a checklist, but basically this lead magnet needs to be solving their problems. So if you have a good lead magnet, you guys will get leads for your business or your client’s business. If you have a bad lead magnet, you won’t be getting any leads.

So a lot of times your offer is the solution to getting more leads and sales for your business. So you’re going to have to go back, listen to that episode. I gave you some more tips and tricks on that. But basically it’s going to help you get more leads. So go do that. The third thing I want to talk about is kind of out of the online marketers hands. This is kind of a two part. So for online marketers we’re going to talk about lead follow up. How can online marketers help with lead follow up? So the online marketers can do email drip sequences, they could also implement a text automation system if you, if your CRM allows that and they can do like remarketing. So after someone comes to the site they can deliver more information to them about the business. So one of the biggest problems though online marketers see is there is a problem with lead follow up.

So they’ll drive tons of leads for the company and the company won’t even call these people. So one of the big things on the side of lead followup that needs to happen is in the sales industry, they need to be calling these people and trying to build relationships with these people. So as far as the lead followup goes, this is essential. So to give you guys an s a story, a company came to us, they said, hey, we want more leads. Can you do it? We started driving them leads. That first month I drove over a thousand leads for this business. And guess what happened? He didn’t make a single phone call and following up with these people and he said, well, what’s the point of me paying you? I don’t even have time to follow up. I’m, I’m out. And we had just been started with them for a month.

Different Pay Structures for Online Marketing and Agencies

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Episode 59 of the marketing live podcast. This is Taylor, Timothy, your host. And today guys, we’re gonna be talking about different pay structures for online marketers and agencies. So over the years that I’ve been working in this industry, I’ve heard of so many different ways that people actually make money doing all my marketing. So these are the three most popular that I found. So let’s dive in.

The very first thing I want to talk about is a retainer. So no, it’s not the thing you put in your mouth to keep your teeth straight. It’s a retainer guys. So basically what is a retainer? Our retainer is a monthly payment that they pay you for your services. So you go to them and say, I will do x, Y, Z for you and you pay me 500 bucks a month. So it’s like, or maybe you go to them and say, we’ll build your website, we’ll do all your paid traffic, we’ll do your email marketing and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, and we’re going to charge you a $10,000 a month and we’re going to do everything for you. So that’s kind of how the retainer works. Now, the pro to this is obviously you’re going to be getting a monthly consistent paycheck as long as you’re working with this company.

So your, you basically make a deal with them and they start paying you every month. So the con, what I’ve found for a lot of marketers is a lot of times on a retainer, they want you to do a lot of work. So they look at it as, okay, will, if I’m paying you a retainer, then what are you doing for me? You said you would do these things, but I want you to do more now and I still want to pay the same amount. So a lot of times with marketers, they get in a flip flop with that and it starts to run into, they start to run into some issues here. So just, uh, a misalignment of expectations that I have found when people set up retainers with their clients. The next one we’re gonna talk about is the cost per result. So what is the cost per result?

So I’ve heard of marketers going out there and making deals with people saying for every lead we get you, you have to give us 25 bucks or five bucks, whatever lead you get, we get you. You have to pay us in return. So there’s pros and cons here. The pro to this is obviously you can make a ton of money because it’s a high risk, high reward situation. So if they come to you and say, Hey, I’m going to give you $10 a lead and you start generating thousands of leads for these people, you can make a crap ton of money really fast. Now the con is if you work out this deal and you never make drive them any leads, well then you’re making zero and you might’ve put a ton of work up front to get stuff set up for them and you get zero back in return.

So that’s kind of the cost per result thing. High risk, high reward situation. So that’s one thing you guys can look into doing as well. So the percentage of ad spend is the next one that I hear a lot about. So what is percentage of ad spend? So if a company comes to you and says, hey, we want to spend $1,000 a month on Facebook and return, you say, will we take 10 to 15% of ad spend? So you’re, they pay you a hundred to 150 bucks a month depending on how much they’re spending. So some of the pros to this, obviously if these guys have massive budgets, you can make a ton of money. Imagine if a company comes to you and says, Hey, we have a million a month we want to spend on ads. We’ll talk about your paycheck. Now you’re making a ton of money from this.

So that’s a huge pro. If they have big budgets, you’re making a ton of money. A con is if you’re working with small businesses and they come to you and say, we only have 500 bucks a month, then obviously you’re making like 50 to $75 a month on running Facebook ads. And it’s like, is it really worth it at that point? I mean for me, no, it would take too much time to set up everything and I wouldn’t even be making money at that point. So just to wrap up this episode, other things I’ve heard, I’m not going to dive deep into these are pros and cons, but you guys can think about this as well is I’ve heard of people mixing and matching these as well. So they’ll do our retainer, but if their, you know, their ad spin surpasses the retainer and their percent, their percentage of spend passes that then you start making, then it goes to that.

Conversion Rate Optimierung & UX: Ihr Hebel für erfolgreiches Online Marketing | morefire

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Online Business ( Internet Marketing ): How to INCREASE Sales & Conversions

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Was ist die Conversion Rate? | MSO Digital – Online Marketing Know-How

Online Marketing-Kampagnen werden häufig anhand der Conversion Rate (CR) beurteilt. Was beschreibt also die Conversion Rate und wie kann man sie berechnen? Dieses Video definiert den Begriff und zeigt anhand eines Beispiels, wie sich die Conversion Rate errechnen lässt.

Marc Cormann ist Director Online Marketing bei der MSO Digital GmbH & Co. KG aus Osnabrück, Düsseldorf und Lingen. Seine Schwerpunkte liegen auf der strategischen ganzheitlichen Online Marketing Beratung und der wechselseitigen Wirkung verschiedenster Performance Online Marketing Kanäle im B2C- als auch B2B-Segment. Gleichzeitig koordiniert er die diversen Teams im Online Marketing und schafft so die optimalen Spill-Over-Effekte für alle Kunden.

MSO Digital ist eine Performance-Marketing-Agentur für Unternehmen, die ihr Geschäft im Internet erfolgreich führen wollen. Dabei setzt MSO Digital auf Maßnahmen für Sichtbarkeit, Leadgewinnung, Kundenbindung, Customer-Journey-Optimierung und Umsatzsteigerung. Die Agentur bietet kanalübergreifende Performance-Kampagnen für Retail- und B2B-Unternehmen, skalierbare Online-Werbe-Lösungen sowie technisch ausgereifte Vermarktungs- und Monetarisierungsoptionen über Google AdSense und DoubleClick AdExchange für regionale Verlage. MSO Digital ist die einzige Agentur in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, die offizieller Träger des Google AdSense-, Google Publishing- sowie Google Partner-Zertifikats ist. Referenzkunden sind RENO, Kaffeepartner und

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Was ist Conversion – Umwandlungsrate im Online Marketing

Was ist eine Conversion – Umwandlungsrate im Online Marketing

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