Digital Toolkit: 3 Essential Tools for Online Marketing

DIGITAL TOOLKIT WEBINAR. This webinar will help you build a competitive digital toolkit for your business with Ranking Australia. Aimed at increasing digital capabilities of small business and essential knowledge of digital tools and finding out what you don’t know! This round will explore three essential Marketing Tools for your digital business strategy to help you build your web presence.

Building a Marketing Automation Strategy – Buy Back Time!
By Andrea Anderson

Buy back time in your business with automation. Marketing trends are constantly changing. Get ahead of the race by simplifying your marketing processes into 4 simple steps. Creating a journey that is triggered by customer interaction. But how do you sift through the options to find the right one? Andrea Anderson will help you find the best fit for your business.

Landing Pages That Convert: Content Marketing for Small Business
By Katrina Puranik

80% of small business websites are built quickly, and without a thought to using keywords and content marketing. Find out how to get found on Google, and increase your revenue by using simple tool to leverage your content for organic conversions. Katrina Puranik can help you optimise your landing pages for success.

Know Your Value: Understand Your Customer Segments
By Sheldon Morey

Understanding your customer segmentation means a strategic approach to marketing. You will understand how much a client is worth to you, by knowing the value of your products and services to your client based on demographics, industry, and needs. Allowing for a more strategic price model and focused marketing. Sheldon Morey will help you shape your business model to achieve your business goals.

Quick Explanation of What Online Marketing is.

This video is a quick explanation of online marketing and how the Royaltie System helps small business owners start an online marketing program to promote their business.

Future of Digital Marketing | Candid Talk With Blusteak Media Co-founders Telson & Jaison Thomas

Interns at Blusteak Media had an interactive interview session with the cofounders of one among the most sort after digital creative agency in Kerala, Jaison Thomas & Telson Thomas.

They spread light on the topics of the current trend of digital advertisements in Kerala based companies and enterprises. Furthermore, they engage in interesting & futuristics topics of online marketing such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Automated CRM, Chatbots & Augemented Reality (AR) based promotions and marketing.

Location: Blusteak Media, Variseril Nest, Malloosery, Kottayam, Kerala.

Apply for internship:

Artificial Intelligence AI – Online Marketing Done For You

In this video Justin Belobaba announces the most ambitious online marketing project in History, Artificial Intelligence in the online marketing space.

Royaltie has accumulated huge amounts of data relating to online marketing and the system continues to gather data and learn. This means to you, that as the system continues to learn it will get better and better at the various elements of online marketing and their coordination.

This new addition to the Royaltie platform will make it possible for many more people to enjoy success in online marketing regardless of their skill set.

Online Marketing By JMH

How can we help you with online marketing?
We first work on fixing the base of your online presence
Then we make sure to make your online presence optimized
We work on driving you traffic from several sources
For more info visit our website: or call us: +9613421964

Impressionen der Onlinemarketing Master Class (Nürnberg Digital Festival 2019)

Vor einem Monat haben wir euch mit der „Onlinemarketing & Data Driven Sales Master Class“ im Rahmen des Nürnberg Digital Festivals einen Blick „behind the scenes“ gegeben. Im Video erfahrt ihr, was an dem Tag alles geboten war!

In den Vorträgen gab es spannende Insights zu Analytics, CRM, SEO und SEA:
📈 Digital Analytics in Online Marketing – Timon Aden, Founder Tracken Web Services
📊 Customer Lifetime Value Berechnung & Channel Attribution – Stefan Vater, Head of Analytics I Onlineprinters
📩 A/B-Testing in E-Commerce – Christian Strasheim, Head of Shop Management & Customer Sales I Onlineprinters
💻 Make Smart Bidding Smarter – Judith Rathke, Industry Manager I Google

Ihr habt auch Lust in unser motiviertes Team zu kommen? Dann bewerbt euch unter 😎

Video: Tyra Webster