19 Year Old Makes $6,000+ Per Month w Online Marketing | SMMA Student Success

SMMA Student Success. In this video, I interview a student who a 19-year-old college student making around $6,000+ per month with social media marketing!

Find out in this video!

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At age 21 after dropping out of College, Ken made his first 6 Figures Online. Soon after, he started teaching others how to make a side or main income online. He has helped other businesses scale their revenue 10X in a short amount of time using his social media skills. Since then, he has produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in student and client results.

If you want to grow your existing business or just learn how to start one online, then learn from Ken. No BS. No Fluff. Just all his experiences – tried and true tested advice. Subscribe to this channel now.


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This video is about SMMA Student Success :

Build a 10k/Month Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 | Step by Step

This video breaks down how to build a six-figure ($10k/month) digital marketing agency in 2019.

Step 1) Learn basic Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Step 2) Work with one client for free and get a testimonial

Step 3) Find 5 clients and charge them each a $2k/month retainer.


Hi YouTube,

I have been working extremely hard building my agency and I am stoked to be putting out more content!

Sorry I haven’t updated you guys in a long time. At the end of this video I talk about what I have been doing for the past several months and declare my business goals for 2019!

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The one thing you need to sell anything online (in digital marketing) Storytelling!

In this video, I talk about The one thing you need to effectively sell anything online/offline.

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