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Dr. Len Tau of Birdeye Reputation Marketing is a practicing dentist who found a second calling in helping other dentists with their online presence. Dr. Tau says the first order of business is to have to have a good reputation resulting from great customer service and patient experiences. Then you you’ll need a great website, Google AdWords campaigns properly done by an expert, some text blogging, video blogging including patient testimonials, and social media. The big three in social media are Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Learn how to improve your online marketing from Dentistry’s “Reputation Doctor.”

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#1 Online Marketing Healthcare Strategy=Reputation Management+SEO & more= new Referrals +leads!

Want to know why so many independent healthcare businesses fail? Did you know that when searching for your professional services , people will look at your online reputation? Or that 65% of your healthcare referrals will choose a competitor they have a better SEO marketing strategy? Get a “how to review your website tutorial” and see your own online footprint- including the places you haven’t thought of!

Don’t rely on your website builder, your website design or even word of mouth marketing to bring new people to your doors. UAscend can provide an online reputation management platform with search engine optimization SEO tools, online advertising and more through their customized, HIPAA compliant software development and program for both the new or the experienced healthcare provider, dentist, physical therapist, chiropractor, optometrist, dermatologist, surgeon, surgery center, rehabilitation center, drug rehabilitation center, massage therapist, medspa and more!

Get a “how to review your website tutorial” and a complimentary Analysis of YOUR Online Footprint at UAscendonline.com or email sales@uascendonline.com to learn more!

UAscend provides Digital Marketing for Healthcare Related Businesses

Online Marketing for Service Providers

Online Marketing services for local service providers across the world. Our offices are located in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto & San Francisco.

Internet marketing is one of the best ways for service providers to get new leads, inquiries and sales. It’s cheaper than traditional media and everything can be tracked.

We have generated over 150,000 leads in last 12 months for service providers across the globe using a framework with successful and gets solid results.

If you are looking for SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Internet Marketing or Other Digital Marketing services book a free consultation with our marketing strategist today and find out how we can help you get more leads and inquiries using online marketing.

Digital marketing gives you a chance to compete with big brands on small budgets. Gone are the days they use to buy media (billboards, tv ads, magazine ads etc.), not a small business can also advertise and marketing effectively using digital media.

If you are doing radio, TV, magazine or other traditional media reach out to us and we will show you how you can reduce your marketing budget and at the same time get you more leads.

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