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Today I’m going to share with you the top five digital marketing events that you should check out.

Have you ever been to a conference and just found out that it’s expensive, you gain very little knowledge and you saw nothing from it? You’re not alone. Most people see that when they go to these digital marketing events. But today I’m going to share with you the top 5 digital marketing conferences that will be worth your time.


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CXL Live 2019. 3-Day Optimization & Experimentation Event. March 27-29 near Austin, TX

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The first event that I have for you guys is Traffic & Conversion Summit. It’s based in San Diego, California. It’s an amazing event. They talk about cutting edge tactics with traffic and conversions. Now the reason I love this event compared to many events out there is there’s a lot of shady marketers out there. I’m not saying that you should copy these shady marketers and be unethical but here’s the cool thing, there’s more legitimate businesses at Traffic & Conversion Summit than shady marketers. But some of these shady marketers are leveraging cutting edge tactics. You take their tactics that are ethical and you apply them to your ethical business, you’ll do much better. And I learned that from a gentleman named Ryan Deiss who created that event. Now again, most people who come to this event are awesome amazing companies and talented marketers but it’s also great meet the people who are doing cutting edge stuff because then you can take their tactics and apply it to your legitimate business.

The second event I have for you guys is Affiliate Summit. Similar to Traffic & Conversion Summit, there’s a lot of cutting edge marketers who are doing really well. At Affiliate Summit these marketers only get paid every time they drive a sale or a conversion. They have to use their own money. That means if they don’t drive a conversion, they’re just out money. The lure of going there and learning from these marketers is a great way to find again the cutting edge techniques.

And similar to Affiliate Summit, the third event I have for you is Affiliate World. And they have different ones all over the world from ones in Asia to ones in Europe. It’s another great event where you’re learning from the affiliate marketers who are using their own money to drive sales for other people. And if they don’t drive the sale, they’ve just wasted all this money on ad dollars and they don’t get paid out a single penny. So by learning from these people, you’re gonna be much better off.

The fourth event I have for you is SMX Advanced. This is where they discuss advanced marketing techniques from SEO to social media marketing. It’s not a huge event but you’re gonna find more advanced marketers. It’s typically held in Seattle, Washington. It’s worth checking out if you want to learn the cutting edge techniques that a lot of large corporations are using and as well, what’s going to be the future. From the future of search to the future of social media. These guys bring in people from Google and Facebook and all of the social networks that’ll talk about the changes that they’re gonna make and what the future is gonna hold.

The fifth and last event I have for you guys is CXL. CXL is put on by ConversionXL which is a popular blog on conversion optimization. The reason I love CXL is Google ads keep getting more expensive over time, Facebook ads keep getting more expensive over time. The thing I love about CXL is they teach you how to get more revenue from each and every single one of your visitors, from conversion optimization to funnels to checkout bumps. They teach you all of those things at CXL. It’s an event that’s worth checking out.

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Digimaru Class Online Marketing Class for Sales Person

Digimaru Class Online Marketing Class for Sales Person
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