BEWARE! Don’t Sell SEO As A Digital Marketing Agency

One of the biggest mistakes that I have ever made was selling SEO services for low monthly retainers

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Because of this, I ended up getting a bunch of dissatisfied clients who eventually fired me for providing little to no results

This was a case of overpromising and not having the budget available to implement the proper SEO

But in reality, if you are selling to lower ticket clients, you may want to consider selling just a piece of the SEO service or create a product that entails certain pieces of SEO

The term “full-service SEO” generally comes with a higher price tag due to the intensity of developing a proper SEO campaign

What you need to do is productize your offering, add in a few pieces of the SEO and create a package around that

The most successful agencies know the work it takes to implement the right SEO, therefore, they create the small, medium, and large packages for their clients

It is impossible to sell full-service SEO for $1,000, trust me I have tried and have failed miserably.

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Digital marketing | Promote your Business online | Why Digital Marketing is Important

Digital marketing | Promote your Business online | Why Digital Marketing is Important

Why Digital Marketing is Important

1- 34% of the businesses already had an integrated digital
marketing plan in 2016
2- 72% marketers believe that traditional marketing is no longer
sufficient and Digital Marketing will make their company revenue
to be increased by 30% by the end of 2017
3- More than 80% of businesses will increase their digital
marketing spending plan that may go beyond the IT budget.

8 Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing

1- Opens up growth options for small businesses

2- The conversion rate is Higher

3- Customer support has become a priority

4- Get connected to the Mobile Customers

5- Increase the trust for your Brand

6- Better ROI for your Investment

7- Digital marketing is Cost Effective

8- Potential to earn higher revenues

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Review of Online Marketing Company – GetVisibleWeb

Get Visible Web has been working for us, assisting in creating our website. They are also doing our online marketing with keywords and search engine optimizations. We have been largely dealing with Allen and all over they provide an excellent service. We will not hesitate in recommending anybody , that they can schedule using their services for their online advertising. Throughout the entire process of getting our page ready, they have been very helpful and patient with us because internet advertising is not something easy to understand. We have exchanged e-mails and they have always replied within 24 hours which is rather exceptional. It’s taken a while to get this done because we have taken time to reply back to their e-mails. But now that it’s come live and my website is online , we are looking forward to the next stage of the process with them adding the keywords and its search engine optimization and again don’t hesitate in considering them for your online marketing advertising needs.

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From Door to Door Sales, to Online Marketing Funnels 🏖 Bali Bootcamp Day 3

Bali Bootcamp Vlog Day 3 – Sunday. I share my background in door to door sales, and reflect on how far I’ve some, now specializing in internet sales, while chilling in the sun in Bali.

What’s your experience in sales and marketing? Share your tips & strategies. Have you done warm video pitches?

If you’ve been wanting to start your own digital marketing company, hit me up and I’ll get my own group chat mastermind going 🤙

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3 Strategies to Begin Online Marketing

This video provides 3 strategies to begin online marketing for your personal brand or business. Digital marketing does not have to be difficult. Find success using these 3 strategies to begin online marketing to reach more people online. Be sure to LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends.

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Meet “Nathanial Bibby” the founder of Bibby Consulting Group and Linkedinsider who explains the early days of his career in this video.

Nathanial learned about online marketing and social media by practising, often failing but always learning.

Nathanial is considered one of the global leaders in the social media marketing industry and is a highly sought after speaker at marketing industry events.

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I wanted to be like my dad, so like I went to university and studied finance ’cause he’s in investment management. Like I went to one lecture and it was about derivatives all right, Hated it.

So I went like to the course counselor and I was like I can’t do this. what has this got to do with money, right? And so I switched to marketing. Marketing had like a lot of girls in it and it was like fun, a fun course to do.

But anyway at university, guess how many courses we did on online marketing? Five year program, four units or five units every semester, zero, and I was already using the internet to order pizza to like buy stuff online, like as a customer I was buying that way but I wasn’t learning how to market that way.

But when I graduated, like most marketing graduates don’t go into marketing, there’s not enough jobs for all of the people that study it, right, so most people end up in sales, and my dad was developing properties in Phuket, Thailand and I went and sold villas for him, he hadn’t sold a villa, one in six months he sold.

And I’m sitting there, it’s the middle of low season like it’s Phuket and you’re selling property to foreigners like, and there’s only four months of the year where there are people on the island. It’s like raining outside, there’s no people on the island, and I’m thinking to myself how am I going to get customers.

So, you know, I had a computer in front of me so I like learned how to get to the top of Google so that when people are searching from wherever they are Russia, like Singapore, Australia, property investment Phuket, like they see us at the top right, and so when high season came around we were getting 10 leads a day, and like I’ve hacked Google, like I have.

We’ve sold out our development in a year. We did four or five other projects. But I got head hunted by a company in Hong Kong we heard they can get property sites on top of Google and Google like did something I’ve never heard of before which is called an algorithm update.

Anyone who’s been in digital marketing for longer than 10 years knows what an algorithm update is because it will affect like the work you do. Like so yes, I get get websites to the top of Google then right. All of sudden what I was doing would not only not work anymore but it could get you blacklisted.

So I learned the hard way that in order to be successful at digital marketing you have to adapt.

– End –

Nathanial Bibby is a digital marketer and founder of Bibby Consulting Group, a LinkedIn marketing agency specialising in B2B lead generation and LinkedIn training courses for business professionals.

With over 13 years of Digital Marketing experience, Nathanial has helped 10,000+ businesses gain a competitive edge through effective business growth strategies.

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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency From Zero & Grow To A Million Dollar Business W/ Tim Conley

Avoid the traps and pitfalls! Learn how to start a digital marketing agency from zero and grow it to a million dollar business. Tim Conley, a renowned consultant who helps grow marketing agencies stops by to share his knowledge with you.

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Having grown a digital agency from scratch, myself… I can attest to the power of a marketing agency as a great online business to offer freedom.

But there are many traps and pitfalls, from creating a horrible job for yourself… To staying in fulfillment mode too long.

Tim Conley helps break down the steps that you need to take in order to grow a digital marketing agency from nothing…

We look at the zero to one step first… About building the digital marketing skills and the need in your community for internet marketing help for your local businesses.

To learn what digital marketing skills are easiest to sell and can bring in the most income, watch this video:

Then we talk about a growth phase where you begin assembling teammates and build processes to streamline the workflow and giving you more time to sell.

Then the real growth phase to creating an actual business that can grow without your input or efforts…

This is exactly what Tim has done for his clients, helping many grow large, multi-million dollar marketing agencies that have been sold, or have turned into cash cows for their owners.

When I am asked “Miles, if you had to start over from scratch, and had no money to invest in a business, what would you do?”

This digital marketing agency business model is always my answer.

I created a 3 video series that goes deeper into my take on starting your own agency with little to no investment, here: