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Hi! I’m Karol, creator of Ads Courses channel!

I started my career in digital marketing and web analytics about 9 years ago. On a daily basis, I manage online marketing budgets of several million dollars a year. I’m also a Google Premier Partner and an independent expert.

The Ads Courses library is full of unique courses and tutorials. The topics range from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Ads, Google Firebase and more. Enjoy the free tutorials here on YouTube


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How to know which online marketing channels to use for your business?

With the deluge of marketing channels available to today’s business. It is sometimes hard to know which one you should be on and which one you should sit out instead.

Should you be on this hot new marketing channel your main competitor is on?

Or you read about a new social media site that is gaining traction and you fear to lose out from this opportunity.

In this video, I am going to teach you how to Identify which marketing channels to use for your business. Have the confidence to know that the channels you decide to build is the right one for your business and not get distracted by shiny new objects.

You will approach this problem by answering 5 guiding questions. You will also learn about the “Rule Of One” and how to conduct a minor test to identify the feasibility of a channel instead of going all in.