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Online Marketing Video

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Looking for an internet marketing agency?
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Freelance Digital Marketing Life – 1 Year Complete! 🎉

Hello you wonderful people on YouTube!

It’s here. It’s done – a full 12 months – 365 days of freelance digital marketing.

Since putting this live, I’ve completed 2 years of freelancing! See what I’ve been up to here:

The last month has been great for 3 reasons. 1 I got to go to BrightonSEO – a fantastic digital marketing/SEO conference, then onto a fantastic event in London – EsquireSelfMade. Most importantly though, we’re on the cusp of launching a new verbal identity business – The Way With Words.

Looking back over the last year though what has freelancing life been like? In a word, different. The things which I thought would be most fun to work on were sometimes the least, some of the clients which I thought would be hardest to win were the easiest and so on. Many of my expectations were flipped.

However, has going freelance been worth it? Definitely. As a result of freelancing I’ve had more flexibility, more income – and the best thing of all? More opportunities. Without going freelance I wouldn’t have the chance to go and work in America. I wouldn’t have worked with the National Trust, been invited to give a talk at the Met Office. And I wouldn’t have been able to produce this vlog.

There have been downsides though – it’s not been 365 days of sunshine. There’s been periods where it’s been lonely and I’ve worked far harder than I have during any other job during my marketing career. The biggest challenge has been knowing the right direction to go in. There’s a lot of uncertainty – but as I go into my 2nd year of freelance digital marketing things are slowly becoming clearer.

Over the last year I’ve spoken with a huge number of people who are thinking of leaving their jobs and embarking on freelance careers of their own. So if you’re thinking of handing in your notice to go self-employed, then I’ve put together 12 things I learnt over the last year which will hopefully be of some use to you.

In the meantime I also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched one of my videos, asked a question of subscribed to this channel in the last year. It means a lot. I’m going to be carrying on with the vlog but what’s going to happen in this second year of freelance digital marketing – who knows!

Thanks again – Dan.

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Online Marketing Agency – Meet Business Owner Jen
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What is Online Marketing? In Simple English.

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Everyone has heard of online marketing these days, but very few actually know what it really means. Basically, online marketing is where an organization harnesses online channels to spread its message about their products or services to its potential clients.

Lots of different marketing agencies will specialize and preach different things. Some will prefer climbing the search results of Google through search engine optimization (SEO), while others will prefer to reach their target audience by advertising on Instagram or Facebook. There are also email marketing, video marketing…the list just goes on!

While different channels all work, they all have their pros and cons. That’s why we prefer a more strategic approach. To find out exactly what your business needs, you will need to be crystal clear about your brand identity, your business goals, and your customer’s exact needs. Without this, you’ll just be throwing money on different channels and hope for the best.

At SinFa Digital, we follow a CORE strategic framework. Using this framework, we will you define specifically your ‘brand statement’, identify and prioritize your business goals, and find out exactly what your clients need. We will achieve this through a series of prompts.

With this information, we will be able to develop an actionable and effective digital marketing strategy that your company can implement, and achieve accelerated success in the online world!

Give us a shout and start leveraging the power of online marketing today! Simply click here and contact us:

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Mohammed Arif’s Digital Marketing Course and Training in Chennai Review | Amudha Kumar | Tamil

Mohammed Arif’s Digital Marketing Course and Training in Chennai Review.

Hello everyone welcome to Amudhakumar and Lite Mentors Digital Marketing Course and training review given by Mr Mohammad Arif.

Mohammad Arif is basically from a city named Vallam, Shencottah Talk, Tirunelveli.

At the end of 2018, he was working in Chennai in a small organisation and he was not satisfied with the nature of his job.

Mohammad Arif is a big dreamer and he was visualizing about his career and future in digital marketing. He was also interested in freelancing and also to grow his career as a businessman.

On one fine day he was lacking in confidence, felt idle and hopeless of going nowhere. He was sitting in one of the shopping mall near Velachery named Phoenix Mall.

During the time he ended up searching Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai. Several Institutes related to Digital Marketing Training in Chennai.

He ended up seeing several results and Lite Mentors appeared among those. With an idea of contacting Lite Mentors later he moved from the space and later he tried to search for the same Institute.

However he was unable to figure out the name. Later he remembered the word lite and combined the word with the location Guindy and searched in internet. That became the results for lite Mentors in the local business listing.

In the meantime he also visited several digital marketing Training Institute in places like Vada palani, Anna nagar, Kodambakkam, Tambaram, Velachery, karappakkam and Porur.

He too inquired about the courses. However he was not impressed by the any of the digital marketing training institutes in Chennai.

He came to the institute spoke with Amudha Kumar who is a digital marketing trainer at lite mentors. The conversation lasted for an hour in which we had a great discussion on his goals. The reason behind why you want to study digital marketing and what are his Expectations and all the stuff.

During the conversation I suggested Mr Arif to take up an online training classes for his training requirements. However he was skeptical about the online course.

I offered an opportunity to explore the regular classroom digital marketing training and online digital marketing training session. I also offered him the opportunity to choose to go for regular classroom training or online session.

After attending both the sessions are decided that he is going to take up the online session and then to start his digital marketing training course from his native place Tirunelveli.

Because he decided to choose a digital marketing platform for learning. He could end up saving almost 8000 rupees throughout this two and half months period.

Because, he has never required to hire a room or a house for rent, He was not required to spend money on his food and wheels because he still in their own house and things with explain reserve was also taken care. He could also save lots of time on travelling because it shows online digital marketing training as an option.

As the course started there were lots of modulus, sessions. He was participating in more than one Seasons everyday. He participated in all most Four Seasons on a particular date and he became knowledgeable in digital platform within one to one and half months

As I’ve already mentioned he is a very big dreamer and based on the knowledge he had, he started approaching multiple people for their business requirements related to digital marketing services.

Even during the classroom training he started getting projects and started working on this real time projects. Even before the completion of the course, he started getting payment from the client. To be very Frank he was able to support his course fee through the revenue that he generated from his cranes even during the digital marketing training sessions.

We are glad to have been created as one of the greatest resource related digital marketing that he could start his own startup company Firatechs. He started doing his digital marketing and web designing development consulting services.

If you are looking forward to get any business services related to digital marketing in the area of Tirunelveli I strongly suggest you to get in touch with Mr Mohammed Arif so that we can fulfill your requirement.

If you are looking forward to get any business services related to digital marketing in the area of Tirunelveli I strongly suggest you to get in touch with Mr Muhammad Arif so that we can fulfill your requirements if you are looking forward to learn digital marketing.

If you are looking forward to learn digital marketing from Amazon Kumar you can visit his website call him at 7010638398.

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Digital Marketing Coach – Learning Tools, Online Community & Mentor

Digital Marketing Coach – I found myself out of work after 13 years working for the Department of Homeland Security. I was injured on the job, my sick and annual was exhausted and the insurance policy I paid into for 4 years rejected my claim. I was out of work injured with no cash flow. Friends & family who I thought would be supportive only criticised me. My life was at the bottom of the ocean.

I decided to start an online business. I chose a nich I had the most experience in. I choose the Hip Hop niche. I had 20 years experience writing lyrics and 10 years making Hip Hop beats. My skill and talent was exemplary locally so I knew I would make money online with no problem.

A year passed by and I never sold a single beat. I had a website. I had quality beats. I couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong, so I began to consider other niches online. Direct sales opportunities, affiliate sales, multi level marketing, I tried them all but still only made a few bucks here and there. In my heart I felt making a full time income online was possible, I just didn’t know how.

One day I decided to add my business to another (6) social media platform to try my luck there. I reached out to a friend I met online 6 months previously because he seemed to be prerry knowledgeable. He gave me this link

Once I saw what was on the other side of this link I immediately realized what I was doing wrong and why I struggled to make a full time income online for 2.5 years.

When a kid graduates high school and wants to earn a nice size income that will allow him or her to live a comfortable life and raise a family without struggling they acquire Higher Learning, an Education, a Trade, a Career. They Invest Time & Money in order to obtain a career.

I wanted to acquire the same goals but I never realized that I should have acquired the education before I got started online. This is where I acquired my education to obtail a full time income.

Second I realized that having a Mentor to help me connect the dots while and after I educated my self on how to earn a full time income, would have helped me to cut down my trial and error phase by 90%