Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | Online Digital Marketing Course | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | Online Digital Marketing Course | Digital Marketing Training Video
Hello and welcome to the Digital Marketing Course conducted by Acadgild. This digital marketing tutorial for beginners mainly talks about basic digital marketing techniques and fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Here are the topics covered in this webinar.

• What is Traditional Marketing
• Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
• The world of Digital Marketing
• What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• What is YouTube SEO?
• What is YouTube Marketing and its emergence?
• How does Google back end technology works?
• SEO Techniques
• What is On page SEO and Off Page SEO
• Types of Advertisement
• What is PPC (pay per click)
• How PPC works

Key Highlights of the Webinar:
• What is Digital Marketing?
• Why Digital Marketing?
• Terminologies used in Digital Marketing
• Scope and Current Market Scenario
• Job Opportunities
• Introduction to Google AdWords
• Introduction to Google Analytics

So, go through the entire video to learn basics of Digital Marketing and Click the following link to become a Digital Marketer.

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In this video you will learn following topics:-

1. Why Linkedin Marketing is Important.
2. LinkedIn Overview
3. LinkedIn Case Study

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