Deciding To Go Freelance Digital Marketing – 1 Month In!

1 month ago I sidestepped into freelance digital marketing. I’m determined to keep track of my progress with how things are going, so here’s goes! This is what I’ve been up to over the last 4 weeks.

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2 years completed!
1 year completed!


Start Digital Marketing Freelancing & Agency from Home | Learn Digital Marketing from Alok Badatia

Today most of the digital marketing agencies in India have started from home. Even I have started my digital marketing freelancing career from home and later transformed into an academy & Digital Marketing agency.

Most of you ask this common question on how to start digital marketing agency and company. The best way is to start it from home.

In this video, I’ll be discussing the most important aspects needed to bootstrap a internet marketing business from home. If you want to start digital marketing freelancing or digital marketing agency, this video is for you. Enjoy!

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Digital Marketing Freelancing or Jobs? Facts about Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital Marketing Freelancing is a common topic among youth today. Most of the freshers or digital marketing job professionals they look forward to freelance digital marketing jobs.
Its quite difficult to get digital marketing freelance projects but if you follow the 10 steps in this video then you can be a successful Digital Marketing freelancer.
being a digital marketing freelance consultant, I have been doing freelance for digital marketing for 4 years and have successfully built my team.
It’s quite difficult to get freelance jobs from home but follow the steps you will definitely get freelance digital marketing jobs.
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