Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing. Digital marketing training course in India.

India Online – 5 years of growth of Digital, Mobile & Internet Marketing (2010-2014)

2015: India becomes the second largest country on the Internet after China, overtaking the US. Digital is no longer the future. Online in India is no longer a myth. Digital India has arrived. Online India is here. Featuring highlights on how Online and Digital changed India over the last 5 years, with trends on Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, E-commerce, Internet Marketing with research data and insights collated from leading industry sources like IAMAI, IMRB, Google India, Ericsson India, Octane Research etc. Also a forecast on how Online user base in India is poised to grow beyond 500 million with key growth drivers like the Digital India 2019 plan by the Government of India. Relevant for India CMO, India Digital Marketers.

Please follow #VoIM2015 or @octanein as we unfold trends and forecasts that are likely to change Online/Digital (we call it e-Marketing) in India in 2015.

Digital Marketing Jobs | Career | Courses | Salary | Growth | Future – Question & Answer Format

Digital marketing is a vast growing field and many of them are curious about the job opportunities, career growth in the domain of SEO, SEM, Social media marketing and this video you shall learn about various opportunities for digital marketing, salary structures and more.

Some of the questions answered in this video:

1. What is future of digital marketing? Are we at the saturation point at present? [0:33]
2. What aspect of digital marketing should I learn? How do I evaluate my skill set for various roles? [2:00]
3. Should I join a digital marketing agency or a client side? What is the salary one can expect in the digital marketing domain? And how is growth like? [4:58]
4. I am a fresher and people are only looking for experienced candidate, what should I do? [9:18]
5. Which is the best institute to learn digital marketing?
6. I am not good at content what should I do?
7. How should I shape up my career as a digital marketer?
8. My company doesn’t provide training, they don’t have budgets – what should I do? [14:20]
9. Which is the best business school to learn digital marketing?
10. 11. Will AI really kill the role of digital marketers?
12. I am just straight out of school can I get into digital marketing? I am college drop-out can I do digital marketing? I am a house wife can I become a digital marketer? [17:25]

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