Top 3 Digital Marketing Tips | Earn up to 5K Dollars monthly Online Selling Online Services.

In this video, I wanna share with you my My Top 3 Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies that I started to follow in the last 4 months (from the date I recorded this video), and it had a huge impact on my Udemy sales, and am sure that these strategies will make me earn at least 5000 $ Next year.

In March when I started Following these Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies the right way, my revenue boosted up to 1200$ per month on Udemy, and now in June while I am writing this post (we are in the middle of the month) and it’s 800$, so I guess my earnings will be at least 1500$ this month. so you can see the awesome increase in revenue, and I can predict that by the end of this year I will reach at least 4K and 5K to 10K next year.

Now let’s discuss the Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies that I followed.

1- Establish a good presence on Youtube.
If you don’t have a youtube channel, you are still away from success.
Youtube drives at least 30% of my sales each month and its where I build my authority and build relations with people, so it allows me to establish my presence and make people trust me and work with me.

Do you know that today, I have only 1700 subscribes on youtube! and I am getting these results.

Do you imagine what will happen if I have like 50K or 100K !!! are you imaging the results and how much my revenue will become??!

On Youtube, Go and create High-quality Videos that discusses Topics related to your Udemy course topics, then within the video, just mention your Udemy course, if people love your video they will definitely get your Udemy course, especially if you mention a discount with limited time.

And it’s better to use a short linker with tracking to track your links.
I use my own shorting service. ( comment below if you want to know more about this)

2- Facebook messenger campaigns.
Here, I am not talking about Facebook Paid Ads!
In facebook, create a page, and let people send their questions and contact you through page messenger.
You can link to your page from your Udemy courses, or from your channel or maybe my posts on the page its self.

Anyway, what you have to know, is that whenever someone sends you a message to your page, he/she will be a lead, that you can send him a message whenever you want.

You can use Facebook Inboxing Systems to manage Marketing campaigns.

It looks like you are working with Email Marketing but within Facebook, what’s nice about this technique, is that you can achieve up to 90% open rates and 50-60% click rates which is really high in comparison with Email marketing.

What I do is I send useful information and tips or my new youtube videos that really deliver something that may help them. and within the videos or articles, I will promote my courses, so it sounds like indirect marketing, but it’s really powerful.

3- Email Marketing – Custom System
I think you know about Email marketing, but I wanna mention here something related to the email marketing system, that I use.
I don’t use any email marketing companies like MailChimp, Aweber, or GetResponse and such companies.
If you have a huge email list and you wanna send a lot of emails, these services will be somehow costly, especially if you are a beginner.

What I do, is I build my own Email Marketing system, My own SMTP servers and host my own marketing applications like Mailwizz which I use. (All this is explained on my channel)

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How To Do Digital Marketing in 2019 | Online Marketing Methods | Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Do Digital Marketing in 2019 | Online Marketing Methods | Digital Marketing Strategy

It is no overestimation that you stay in an electronic globe and also from that viewpoint it is vital that your company has an outstanding existence in the electronic space.In significance, digital marketing is the future of marketing on the planet with the included benefits that it is less expensive than typical marketing and also is quantifiable.

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Internet Marketing Strategies-Finally 5 Best Online Marketing Techniques Revealed

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Internet Marketing Strategies
Finally The 5 Best Internet Marketing Strategies Revealed

5 Main Internet Marketing Channels:
1) Social Media
2) E-mail Marketing
3) Search engine advertising or PPC
4) Seo
5) Video Marketing

Now Let me dissect each of the 5 Marketing Channels one by one.
(Internet Marketing Strategies Compared)
(Social Media vs E-mail Marketing vs Sem vs Seo vs Video Marketing)

Social Media Marketing:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and Stumble Upon

E-mail Marketing:

Must be list building rather than email spamming
E-mail Spamming Just Does Not Work Any more (The Wring way of e-mail marketing)
List Building is one of the Smartest Way of Marketing Today (The Right way of e-mail marketing)

Search engine advertising or PPC:
Very quick Results

but very Costly

Seo(Search Engine Optimization):

Good ROI Over a long period of time
Takes a long time

Video Marketing:
Easier than website Seo
Converts great
Quickly DOMINATE your niche

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Online Marketing Practices that Bother Me! – 100K Subscribers #44

Things That Bother Me!
If we attract our audience by lying to them, what kind of business relationship is this going to create? Not a good one! So why are we seeing internet marketers lie about different tactics? Some do so intentionally; others don’t realize how shady some of these tactics can be. We wanted to bring a few of these issues to your attention today and hear you input.

What do you think about these internet marketing tactics? Why do you use them, or why not?

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