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Digital Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur NEEDS To Know 2019

Digital Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur NEEDS To Know 2019
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The rate at which the world of digital marketing changes is enough to make your head spin.

But one of the best decisions you can make for your business is to anticipate those shifts, educate yourself on trends, and tweak your strategies along the way.

And that’s what this video is all about.

Let’s talk trends. Learning and adapting to developing trends can mean the difference between being Blockbuster or Netflix.

With that, I’ll admit, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to devote time and attention to.

So the key to making it work for you is to keep it simple and decide which trends are worth focusing your marketing efforts on and which ones you can ignore, for now.

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The Hard Truth About Marketing & What Will Stop Working In The Near Future

The Hard Truth About Marketing & What Will Stop Working In The Near Future. Ads keep getting more expensive, SEO takes longer to see results from, social media algorithms keep restricting organic reach.

The Most On Demand Digital Marketing Skills in 2019 (High-Income Skills to Master) :

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019 :

Here’s the hard truth, marketing is going to keep getting harder, and what used to work and what used to be easy is no longer going to be the case.

Companies in Silicon Valley raise millions of dollars, in many cases hundreds of millions, and sometimes even billions of dollars.

Do you know what that money is mainly spent on, these days?

Marketing and Sales, that’s driven up costs drastically.

There’s even an age-old saying, do you know who the best marketer is, the one who can spend the most money on marketing.

In other words, it’s going to get more expensive, it’s going to get harder and harder so what should you do.

First, marketing isn’t about marketing anymore.

Marketing is about putting the user first.

If you do what’s best for them, you’ll get the traffic, you’ll get the sales.

If you don’t create something that’s amazing, something that delights people, you’re not going to do well, and if you don’t know how to do that, you need to go back to the drawing board and talk to your potential customers.

You can use tools like Hotjar, SurveyMonkey to survey them, you can pick up the phone and start calling people and getting their feedback.

The second thing that you need to know is, marketing has changed to omnichannel approach.

One channel isn’t going to drive you the results that it used to, for all these older companies, the reason being is the landscape is more competitive.

It doesn’t mean marketing doesn’t work, it just means it’s competitive, and you’re not going to get the results you want from each channel.

But, if you combine them all, you can still do well.

I want you to do things like collect emails, and leverage push notifications.

By leveraging all of these channels, you’re going to do better.

The third thing that you need to know is, you need to have differentiation.

Businesses online are a dime a dozen now.

Everyone’s considered creating a business online, more than they’re even trying to create a business offline.

People don’t want all these retail stores, people don’t want to have all these Verizon boots anymore, selling you cellular phone service.

Instead, they want all these Internet and web-based companies that deliver within an hour, so that way they don’t have all these fixed costs.

In other words, if you can’t differentiate yourself because there’s more competition now, there’s no reason for people to go with you, over your competition.

For example, I use Apple computers, not because of the price, but because they connect with all my devices, they’re seamless, they’re easy to use, and they last a long time.

And you do get a good product for the price.

While there’s a lot of other cheap PCs out there, a lot of them break, they get slowed down after you use them for like six months.

You don’t have those issues with an Apple computer.

If you can’t figure out what differentiates you from your competition, you won’t do well.

The fourth thing I want you to do is to leverage the rule of seven.

When someone sees your brand seven times, they’re much more likely to convert.

If you don’t engage and interact with them seven times, they’re not going to do as well.

So doing things like remarketing helps, and I know a lot of you are already doing that.

The last thing I want you to do is to update your content.

Update your site, continually improve your load time.

In other words, I want you to keep getting better.

Just because you’re doing well doesn’t mean you should stop.

Things are going to keep getting harder, in the future years.

So if you don’t keep improving, eventually you’re going to find that your traffic, your sales are all going to dip.

Think of it this way, there’s so many blogs out there, over a billion, that now Google doesn’t want to just rank the best content, they also want to rank the freshest content, because they have so many to choose from.

So if you don’t keep updating your content, your rankings will dip, if you don’t keep improving your load time, Google’s going to rank someone else, who keeps having a faster site.

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Digital Marketing Channels Map of Online Marketing

Digital Marketing Channels Map of Online Marketing
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Best Online Marketing Strategies 2019 | Online Marketing 2019

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Digital Marketing | Introduction | Online Marketing | Part-1 | [Nepali] 2019

In this video I am going to explain what is Digital Marketing and explain Top 8 Digital Marketing tools.

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
4. Social Media Optimization (SMO)
5. Content Marketing
6. Blogging
7. Video Creation
8. Email Marketing


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Top Digital Marketing Trends in India That Will Shape 2019

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. If your brand is still following the trends of yore, then it’s time to up your game. Here are the latest digital marketing trends of 2019 in India.

Vernacular Content
There are currently 244 million Indian language users online and with easy access to data and cheaper smartphones and these numbers are expected to only increase in the coming future ( To cater to these massively growing numbers, marketers and brands will also have to keep in mind that communication needs to be tailored to reflect differences in linguistic and cultural nuances. Our platform 22 Languages ( specifically helps brands create language-specific content to reach larger vernacular audiences.

Voice Search Marketing
India is seeing a 270% year-on-year growth in voice search queries. The rapid rise in popularity of smart assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa has also significantly propelled voice search as one of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2019. Because of this growth, the way we look at SEO will also change. Traditional keyword research will have to adapt and modify as voice search queries are completely different from typed queries. Take for instance, the fact that 99% of voice search results draw form Google’s Featured Snippet that ranks at Position 0. Content creators will now have to work on optimising their content to get their own Answer Box. Read more about voice search marketing here – (

Voice Search Marketing – A Complete Guide:
Featured Snippet Explained:

Videos and interactive content
YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and if your brand is not leveraging the power of videos, you are losing out on a sizeable audience. YouTube SEO tips can help you in your endeavour to make sure your content is visible to the right audiences. For effective tips on how to rank your videos, check out our in-depth article –

As videos continue to gain momentum, various types of formats are being developed and explored. Interactive content ( like live videos are quickly emerging as a popular way to establish a personal connect with audiences by offering them exclusive “behind-the-scenes” footage.

Interactive Chatbots
Chatbots today are smarter than ever, able to respond to more number of queries effectively and resolve issues without any human intervention. Powered by AI, these chatbots are able to sustain longer conversations without coders having to input an extensive script beforehand.

AI for better audience targeting
Artificial Intelligence today combines machine learning and predictive customer analytics to help brand identify common patterns amidst their audience and create personalised content for them. With AI, brands can identify similarities within current audiences and generate custom targeting options to improve the quality of leads generated –

UX and AMP for desktop
Accelerated Mobile Pages – are a crucial ranking factor for websites. By making their entire website (or at least content-heavy pages like blogs) AMP-friendly, brands benefit by ranking higher in the search results. Watch our video on AMP for more information!

Growth of Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic Advertising is the most cost-effective way advertisers can purchase digital ad space. Unlike conventional methods that required annual bids and human intervention, programmatic algorithms determine the appropriate media mix for your brand and automatically purchase it. This gives advertisers immense power to target larger audiences across multiple platforms without any time lost. Be sure to watch our video on how Programmatic Advertising can help your brand –

Decline in organic search and traffic
Your site’s organic traffic takes a hit every time Google updates its SERP features. While Answer Boxes answer user queries, they do without them having to click on your link. So while your content is being viewed, it does not result in organic traffic to your page. All this means is, brands will have to revisit their SEO strategy and create content that gives users just enough information for them to visit your site to satisfy their curiosity.

Decline in organic reach on Instagram
There are currently 71 million active users on Instagram in India. As the app continues to gain popularity, it will predictably want brands to pay for a higher reach. Brands will need to have adequate promotional budgets or fear losing out on a substantial audience segment.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019.

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