Marketing On A Budget For Bookkeepers


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There’s been a handful of people who requested I do a marketing video, but we all know that marketing in the greatest respects is a monster all it’s own! However, as entrepreneurs we should all know enough basics, right? So here are a few basic tips I’ve used for my freelance bookkeeping career that has cost me little or no money at all!

With such a low starting overhead cost, I recommend Freelance Bookkeeping as a perfect Work From Home business! Here are some links to resources that may help you on your way!

Bookkeeping All-in-one for Dummies (these are great I promise!)

Accounting All-in-one for Dummies

American Institute for Professional Bookkeepers: Mastering Double Entry Bookkeeping

Mastering Correction of Account Errors

Mastering Adjusting Entries

Mastering Payroll

Mastering Depreciation

AIPB Website

Excel 2019 Bible

Till next time, if you’re gonna work harder, work smarter!
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💻How To Became A Digital Nomad In 2 Months Via Digital Marketing

Anthony was working as a civil engineer and he hated everyday of it. Some of us are just not meant for an office job. Find out how Anthony made the switch to a remote digital marketing job

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Helping Anthony transition from a job he hated to a job he loves is one of the most fulfilling feelings I’ve ever felt. We used his Instagram pics with his permission.

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