Influencing Millenials – Digital marketing strategies for beauty brands

Video taken at in-cosmetics Asia –

Millennials are by far the most unpredictable generation. Marketers need to constantly innovate and experiment to keep up and understand what influences them. Through a series of case studies, this session will show how beauty brands around the world are successfully engaging with millennials amidst the ever changing digital landscape.

in-cosmetics Asia is the leading exhibition and conference in Asia Pacific for personal care ingredients – takes place in Bangkok, Thailand in October/November and is focused on personal care raw materials and manufacturing – more info at

Speaker is Khyathi Nirmal Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing at Happy Marketer, more info at

B2B Digital Marketing

In this video we explore how we can effectively use and measure digital marketing for Business to Business organisations. Focussing on our end objectives and ROI, the video explores how web analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be used together to understand exactly which of digital marketing tactics are working effectively.