💸 How I Make $1,783/Week on Shopify With FREE Instagram Traffic (2019)

2019 Business idea? Or want to start generating FREE Shopify traffic and sales in 2019? Here’s how to get started.

One of my notorious traffic methods in the community is leveraging Instagram to generate mass amounts of free traffic and sales. One particular drop shipping website I own with a business partner of mine actually does around $1,783/week from completely FREE Instagram Traffic.

Naturally, I get asked how I do this on a daily basis. So today I figured I’d film this quick video showing exactly how I do it.

In this video, I show you step by step how I take a client’s brand new Instagram account and set up the profile for conversions, the best format for your photo captions and show you what and when to post. After that, I’m going to show you how to automate the account with the software I’ll link to down below and take one of the photos as an example and turn it up with engagement groups.

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🎨 Step 1: Instagram Profile Template

Use the following template and customize it for your own profiles with new emojis and bullet points about your business. Remember to keep your Instagram bio under 150 characters. That’s all Instagram allows at this time. Also remember, Instagram now allows you to add clickable user tags (@Username) and # hashtags to your bios too!

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⚙️ Step 2: Download an App Like FollowLiker, Jarvee, etc

Once you’ve downloaded and installed your app just activate your account and use the following settings.

⚠️ Going above the following settings is not recommended and may get your account suspended. [UPDATED SETTINGS]

— Scrape Users —
Add 3 – 6 similar users or competitor accounts and set follow liker to only scrape users who like and comment on their photos to make sure you’re only scraping active users. For each user, you should have two separate additions for each of these.

— Follow Settings —
Follow Limit: 5 – 15
Daily Follow Limit: 800 – 1100
Delay Follow: 35 – 60 Seconds
Check ☑️ Don’t Follow Followers

— Unfollow Settings —
Unfollow After: 3 Days
Unfollow Limit: 5 – 15
Daily Unfollow Limit: 850 – 2150
Delay Unfollow: 35 – 60 Seconds
Uncheck ⬜️ Don’t Unfollow Followers

💬 Step 3: Download Telegram (Desktop Version)

Once you’ve installed Telegram and created your account sign in and add all the engagement groups you’d like to participate in. I’ve collected a short list of groups you can join below to get you started. (Just click the links to add)

✅ [Dx10] BoostGram | L+C: t.me/Boostgramdx10
✅ [Dx8] BoostGram | L+C: t.me/Boostgramdx8
✅ [Dx5] BoostGram | L+C: t.me/BoostGramDx5
✅ IG Mass Likes: t.me/igmasslikes

Many engagement groups are very exclusive and require you do have a referral or be invited by another member. This will happen naturally as you gain a good reputation in the community.

⚠️ Be sure to carefully read the group rules (usually in the “Pinned Message”) before interacting with any group. Most group rules are very strict and bans are typically permanent. This is what keeps most groups high quality and spam free.

Most groups use the following format to post your link after engaging with the required amount of latest posts.


Dx10 @EngagingAccount

[URL Of Post Reviving Engagement]

I hope you guys get a lot of value out of this and you’re able to finally kickstart traffic and sales on your own Shopify stores using this free traffic method.

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How to Earn from Meesho App / Best online marketing App.

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Principles of Online Marketing
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This video is back to the basics.

I feel there’s a lot of misconception and misunderstanding in the current state of ecommerce, because all the gurus and courses are simply focused on teaching you one tactic that worked for them without any type of context.

This video is meant to teach you the Online Marketing 101 principles that everyone should learn before thinking they can start and grow a successful business.

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