Free Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #15

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Effective Ecommerce Podcast:

1. SEO – we’ve already done two episodes nose so I’m not going to belabor the point here if you want more information on this one listen to I believe its episode 13 and 14 but basically the quick version is trying to rank higher up in Google for different keywords

2. Content Marketing – so funny enough this kind of goes in with SEO and we’re going to talk about this in depth I think in the next episode or pretty soon in a future episode here the content marketing is very important for a number of different things but it relates to a search engine optimization or SEO because of the fact if you can create really cool content pieces people will find you through Google so an example of this might be seven kudo friendly snacks so you want to rank in Google for ketosnacks and you’d

3. YouTube – and for half the people listening to this podcast you’re probably watching it on YouTube so a lot of people are watching this on my YouTube channel effective e-commerce and get way more views way more traffic tom YouTube channel then I do to my website hands-down and the reason is there’s a lot of reasons actually but people prefer to consume videos a lot of people refer to consume videos not everybody some people prefer to read but videos are easier quicker for 99% of people and they’re entertaining they’re little bit more entertaining so youkan use this
4. Talk to everybody – never waste an opportunity go you can go to conventions which usually cost money or you can go where your consumers hangout and just talk to them and let them know about your company I’m not gonadal too much about this one I know

5. Make Phone Calls – call your potential customers so four be dancewear we’ll call dance studios and for performance nut butter I plan on calling gyms and letting them know about our product now when you’re doing this you probably shouldn’t just do like cold

6. Influencer Marketing – now this isn’t necessarily free you’ll
probably have to give away some products but goon Instagram find influencers in your niche in son some projects so it’s not a hundred percent free but it only costs you your products really easy we’ll do an episode on this one for sure so I won’t talk too much about that number

7. Guest Blogging – and this is where you go to someone that has a blog and you write agues post on it I will talk in depth about this in the next episode but the quick answer is people already have these huge audiences out there so I also say guest podcasting guess youtubing like all these different things be agues on other people’s platform
8. Start a podcast

11. Contest – I will probably eventually do a whole episode on how To run a contest but this is a great way to spread the message so you might do something via Twitter via Instagram via Facebook saying doing a post about your products and saying share this product or share this post for a chance to win free product then people share it and it gets shared with their friends and it turns into a whole viral thing so that is a great way of doing it you can also do contests for people into their email and then you email market to them
12. Guerrilla Marketing – so guerrilla marketing is really any idea that’s outside of the box an example of this might be going to a trade shower a convention with a funny hat so I might was performance enough but I might go with a hat with a bunch of nuts

13. PR – so public relations join Haro it’s a help a reporter out you can google I think it’s horrid dot org just Google Hero and you can join that and basically what happens is you get emails from reporters that say hey I want total about X Y & Z topic and they’re looking for experts in that so they might say what we’re looking for
14. Spotlight marketing –

15. Get repeat customers –
Free Marketing ideas

Content Marketing
Talk to Everyone
Make Phone Calls
Influencer Marketing
Guest Blogging
Not really free but it can be
Send Personal Emails
Especially people who sign up for your email
All Social Media
Guerrilla Marketing
Go to trade show with a hat
Join Haro
Contact Newspapers/Magazines etc.
Spotlight Marketing
Get Repeat customers
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Guerilla Marketing For Your Online Business | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #22

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Today’s episode of Effective Ecommerce podcasts we’re going to be talking about Guerilla Marketing what is guerrilla marketing how to implement guerrilla marketing and why it’s probably really important to your online business even though you think that internet marketing and online business and this whole world should only take place in the computer I’m going to disagree and you’ll understand why in just a minute here so really what is guerrilla marketing before we get into it to me and there’s different definitions depend on who you ask to me it’s just thinking outside of the box doing something outside of the ordinary doing something that people haven’t thought about and we’ll give a few different examples a one example I recently gave to someone and this was for an app it’s not for an online business but it was an app where you could base is basically a Craigslist style app where you can borrow or trade or sell and not borrow so you could trade or sell things on using this app so but I told them you should do is have a scavenger hunt where people need to use your app and they would go through in the first listing would be something like meet me to trade a handshake for a gold coin and not a real gold coin whatever a silver a metal coin and then the next thing would be take that metal coin go to another person and trade that for a key then you guys take the key and go to another person and trade that so what it would be doing is it would be making people use the app but they’d be interacting in real life and it’s totally different it’s totally random there’s a ton of other examples of guerilla marketing but first I want to talk about why guerrilla marketing is so powerful and to do that I want to tell little story so first off most you guys have probably heard the story of David versus Goliath and it’s overplayed and if you haven’t yet read Malcolm Gladwell’s book David and Goliath I highly recommended it I’m going to be repeating some of the stuff he said and Malcolm Gladwell does a much better job of explaining this than I do so you see David and Goliath and you think to yourself man David is obviously outmatched he’s going to lose this battle but he had a trick up his sleeve he wasn’t going to fight a conventional battle because everyone’s saying David the small little boy and Goliath this giant monster monstrous human being and thinking they’re going to fight to hand combat thinking they’re going to fight you know with their swords in person at close range and David Whittle lost that every single day but David didn’t want to do that what he did is he slung a rock from far away and hit Goliath in the head so why did David win well he won because he didn’t play by the rules he did something outside of what was supposed to be done and in this book Malcolm Gladwell’s book he talks about it if you look at throughout the history of like the most important battles were an army ten times like one side of the army had or one side of the battle had an army that was ten times bigger than the other side so an example might be one side had , soldiers the other side had a hundred thousand soldiers or more and if you look at that not surprisingly ninety percent of the time I forget the exact numbers ninety percent of the time the army with the more people one % of the time but that’s the interesting part about ten percent of the time why did the other side win and it turns out if you look at these kind of battles which are way outmatched battles and you look at these two different armies and say okay well what if we only look at people where guerrilla warfare was fought where people did unconventional warfare and what happens sixty percent of the time this smaller army wins so this wouldn’t be basically if the United States in Canada got into war and they were fighting Canada I think as a population were close a little over million United States has million and so these two countries are battling it out but Canada decides we’re going to fight this war unconventionally we’re gunfight a guerrilla warfare style chances

What is guerilla marketing
Think outside the box
Story of 1 to 10x armys
Spotlight marketing
Scavenger hunt
Get infront of people
Running a race with nuts on my head
Barnana Gorilla Story
The story of the blinking robots
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Lecciones de Marketing Digital – Parte 1

En esta primera entrega de lecciones de marketing digital aprenderemos cuáles son las estrategias para generar ventas en mi tienda online.

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Network Marketing: Schneller Reichtum? | STRG_F

Unter Network Marketing findet man auf Instagram und YouTube so einige Anbieter, die einen mit “dem super Produkt” locken, ein passives Einkommen zu haben und vor allem super Aussichten um als Networker Geld zu verdienen.
Reporterin Nadia ist auf die Gruppe “Pulse Empire” gestoßen, die sagen, sie haben die Revolution des Network Marketing ins Leben gerufen.

Jeden Dienstag

Ein Film von Nadia Kailouli
Kamera & Schnitt: Jan Littelmann


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Konversion und Recht: Stark auf allen Kanälen! Masterclass Online Marketing Rockstars 2019

Es wird Online-Händlern nicht leicht gemacht, bei den Themen Konversion und Rechtssicherheit auf der sicheren Seite zu sein. Beide Aspekte sind jedoch elementar wichtig, um finanziellen Erfolg zu garantieren und Abmahnungen zu vermeiden. Wie also verknüpft man diese Touchpoints der Customer Journey?

In unserer Masterclass auf den Online Marketing Rockstars 2019 beleuchten Marketing-Expertin Britta Kristin Böhle und Jurist Dr. Carsten Föhlisch, wie man Online-Shops konversionsstark und rechtssicher aufbaut.

Es werden Kanäle wie Suchmaschinen, Social Media und E-Mail Marketing betrachtet, bevor relevante Stellen im Online-Shop besprochen werden. Neben einem Rückblick auf den letztjährigen Datenschutz-Hammer DSGVO stehen auch aktuelle Entwicklungen im Fokus – zum Beispiel die Geoblocking-Verordnung.

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Dropshipping Vs CPA Marketing | Best Way To Make Money Online In 2019

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All of Internet Marketing Finally Explained

Finally, the complete explanation of internet & digital marketing in one video. No more shiny objects. No more scammers.

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Indian E-commerce is about to change | Reliance E-Commerce | Case Study | Business Model

Indian E-commerce is about to change. Reliance is entering into the ecommerce business. In this video, I have discussed the business model of upcoming reliance e-commerce. Along with all the facts and my suggestions.
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