3 Phases of Online Marketing (And How to Choose the Right Phase for Your Business)

There are hundreds of online marketing strategies and tactics you could use to grow your business, but which strategies actually make sense for your business? The options are overwhelming for a busy entrepreneur!

So how do you maximize your time and focus only on marketing strategies that will produce long-term and measurable results for your business? Watch this video to learn the 3 phases of online marketing and discover which phase your business is in right now.
Understanding the phases will help you narrow down which online marketing strategies to focus on to grow your business without the hustle and headache. You’ll learn how to choose the right phase for your business and which online marketing strategies fall in each phase.
– Phase 1: Content Marketing
– Phase 2: Influencer Marketing
– Phase 3: Paid Advertising

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Entrepreneur Advice: Should You Listen to the Online Marketing GURUs? – 3 Tips

Entrepreneur Advice: Should You Listen to the Online Marketing GURUs? – 3 Tips 🔥 *** Get Paid Working From Home Even if You’re Brand New! http://bit.ly/2BQPRzJ

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Are you confused and overwhelmed by what all the so called online marketing guru’s are saying one day and then something else the next?

In this video, we will discuss some sound entrepreneurial advice: should you listen to the online marketing gurus?

I believe there is much information to learn from mentors and coaches and it is vital many times for long term success.

But at what point is a guru no longer valuable and more hazardous to your goals of a successful home business entrepreneur.

These 3 tips will help you sort it all out!

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Chris Njigha


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➡️Get Paid Working From Home Even if You’re Brand New! http://bit.ly/2BQPRzJ

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Entrepreneur Advice: Should You Listen to the Online Marketing GURUs? – 3 Tips

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This video discusses the reasons why you should not listen to the so-called “online marketing gurus.” If you are confused and overwhelmed about the things they say, this video may help you sort it all out.

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