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#online #marketing #social media What is an influencer?

Before being the master of SEO, algorithm and other digital trick let’s think about the role of an influencer, the responsibilities of a blogger, the purpose of a content creator. Let’s start at the beginning of the journey to understand the level of responsibility an influencer has and what is ultimately the Final Destination…

SSP003 Online Marketing for Small Business with Lori Lyons

Solopreneur Success Podcast Episode SSP003
Online Marketing for Small Business with Lori Lyons

Marketing remains the lifeblood in every business.

But many business owners forget – or never learn – the absolute #1 thing behind every successful marketing program revealed in today’s episode.

You’ll discover exactly what it is and why it’s key to making sales and getting referrals.

Plus, you’ll also hear…

– Why it’s ok to reinvent yourself
– Why websites are important in the age of social media
– The rewards & dangers of social media for businesses
– The best platform for engagement
– First steps for new business owners
– Why you should push the bruise then bring the healing
– Where to find your first clients
– And an important mindset shift that may be needed for solopreneurs to get to the next level

And a little bonus… Steve and Lori go on a mini-rant about two big gotchas to watch out for in local networking groups.

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Online marketing is saai… of toch niet?

Weet je waarom het internet vol staat met adviezen van marketing goeroes? Goede en slechte goeroes?

Nergens is zo veel gratis informatie over te vinden als informatie over online marketing. Het probleem met dit vakgebied is dat iedereen er te gemakkelijk over praat. Het wordt zelfs nóg makkelijker wanneer we allerlei ingewikkelde termen gaan gebruiken zodat we slim lijken maar eigenlijk niet weten waar we het over hebben. De ander gaat daar in mee.


Veel ondernemers komen in de valkuil terecht van marketing trucjes. Hun product of dienst is verre van goed en zij denken dat met een marketing trucje, dat het product dan wel gaat verkopen.

Dat gaat niet lukken. Regelmatig komen er bij mij vragen binnen die gaan over software, technieken of trucjes. Deze vragen beantwoord ik niet meer. Het zijn geen interessante, strategische vraagstukken waar ik iemand mee kan helpen. 

Vraag achter de vraag en je komt uit bij de emotie

Stel jezelf als ondernemer niet telkens de vraag welke technieken en tools je nodig hebt om je doel te bereiken, maar stel jezelf vragen over het resultaat dat je wilt bereiken. Sterker nog: de transformatie die jij of jouw klant wil bereiken. Dat is veel interessanter. 

Stel de vraag achter de vraag en je komt achter de ware drijfveren van iemand. En als marketing een van de ingrediënten is in het recept, dan is dat onderdeel van het antwoord. Het is veel belangrijker om een target en intentie te hebben. Bij elk gesprek, bij elke meeting, bij elk artikel dat je schrijft. Mijn target en intentie bij dit artikel: jou laten inzien dat vragen over tools, technieken en trucjes jou niet verder brengen. Principes en resultaten wel.

Elke week geef ik webinars hoe je meer uit jezelf en uit je business haalt, op een makkelijkere manier:

Ik houd strategiegesprekken. In een half uur kom je erachter wat je volgende stap is, wat je beter kunt doen, of wat je beter kunt schrappen. Bekijk de mogelijkheden:

Ik geef je de 9 principes die leiden tot een awesome business. Ik heb ze gebundeld in een gratis ebook:

De Marketing & Mindset Podcast:

AEDC WTS 2016 | Online Marketing & Social Media

This segment discusses online marketing and social media, including benefits of online marketing, SEO advice and tips, how online marketing can put you on top, social media marketing and handling negative comments. Presented by Heather Sawyer, Senior Manager, Social Media and Consumer Marketing, GCI.

This 20-part video series answers what you need to know as an entrepreneur to start a business – anywhere in Alaska. Are you curious about how you should build your website, conduct market research or how make a successful pitch? We have a video for each of those topics! You can watch all 20, or just watch one. We hope you find these videos useful! For more information and additional resources, go to

We encourage you to leave feedback and/or questions here.

If you have any questions please contact AEDC at (907) 258-3700 or email

The videos produced in 2016, sponsored by GCI, were created by the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation in partnership with the Alaska Channel.

14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs

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13 Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Social media marketing is a HUGE opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with customers, grow brand awareness, and drive sales.

But it also can be a massive challenge for business owners that multiple hats throughout the day. A lack of time and resources to dedicate to social media marketing is a major challenge!

Fortunately, we’ve had the awesome opportunity to speak with hundreds of marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have faced these same social media challenges.

That’s why we’re super excited to share our top 13 (proven) social media marketing strategies that you can try today to help drive real business results.

We had a ton of fun making this episode and so we hope you enjoyed it as well!

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Boost Your Business: Bernadette Schwerdt on digital marketing

jobactive is excited to bring you the ‘Boost Your Business’ series.

We’ve spoken to some of Australia’s most insightful and experienced business minds from all around the country to bring you inspiring advice to help your business thrive.

Bernadette Schwerdt is the founder of the Australian School of Copywriting and author of ‘Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs’.

Bernadette has helped many businesses with their online presence and marketing strategies. Bernadette founded one of Australia’s most successful writing training companies and has written for iconic brands including Apple, BHP, Australia Post and Optus. In this video Bernadette draws upon her breadth of business knowledge. She talks about how the business landscape is changing and why now, more than ever, it is important to know how to sell your business online.

• Discover why some businesses fail in their quest to set up an online business.
• Learn how to write a business pitch that actually works.
• Find out what you need to know before you set-up an online business.
• Learn about a ‘minimum viable product’ and how this can help your business.
• Hear about the science behind good marketing and content creation.
• The seven steps that will get your business noticed and customers coming back.

If you find recruitment a long and difficult process jobactive can help. It makes finding the right people easy, no matter what industry you are in. Head to

Business Strategy – Business Expansion – Digital Online Marketing Revenue – Legendary Marketer

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