INSTAGRAM MARKETING 💼 3 Ways to Improve Engagement 2019

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In this video we cover the 3 ways to improve engagement in 2019. These are the instagram marketing strategies we have used to grow on instagram, beat the instagram algorithm and build a successful online business.

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INSTAGRAM MARKETING 💼 3 Ways to Improve Engagement 2019 / josue pena

Get Clients Locally or Online? | Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency

One of most commonly asked questions I get from people starting a social media marketing agency or digital marketing business is:

Should I focus on getting clients locally, or should I reach out to clients online and all over the world?

That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video. Hope you enjoy!
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14 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs

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Online Marketing Business (step-by-step breakdown of my funnel)

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Online Marketing Business

Digital Marketing Is Dying & Here Is What To Do

Every few decades there is a quantum shift in the marketing world that only effects small business and medium-sized businesses as we are the businesses who have a tighter operating budget. So in today’s video, we are going to discuss how Digital marketing is dying and here is what to do when the death of online marketing for the small business happens. Online business is going to be most impacted by this as well as online business generally gets all of its sales from paid marketing.

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Instagram marketing, as well as Facebook marketing, are the main two types of marketing that have been impacted but marketing on Pinterest and YouTube have also been affected. YouTube ads are a tough one to do as they have gotten so expensive very quickly.

How to Pitch Your First Marketing Campaign (How to Start an Agency)

Feeling nervous about pitching your genius marketing ideas to your boss or your client? In this video we walk you through the prep for how to pitch an idea and how to get your first client. The presentation preparation is critical, and you should have all your marketing strategies outlined with plenty of research. If you’re planning to land a marketing deal you’re going to need to know the ins and outs of how to get a project approved. Also if you’re looking for information on how to start an agency, the pitch is one of the most important aspects. In this video Eric Siu shares his top strategies for building a killer pitch.

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Analytics, Best Digital Marketing & Future of Leadpages | Online Marketing Weekly #22

This week we’re going to look at a proper way to diagnose your analytics and take good decisions; the history of an amazing blog post in 2015 for digital marketers; and we’ll finish with a story of a company that did a great transformation in just 3 years.

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Featured content:
1. Are Your Analytics Telling the Right Story? | Bill Sebald | |
2. DigitalMarketer’s 13 Best Digital Marketing Articles of 2015 | Lindsay Marder | |
3. 3 Years Later: A Look at Where We’ve Come & What’s Next (Plus an Apology from Our CEO) | Clay Collins | |

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MI PIACEREBBE FARLO MA… (i dilemmi dell’online marketing)

Qui trovi un webinar molto interessante su quello che faccio


Quante volte avete sentito dire o avete detto voi stessi questa frase:
“Mi piacerebbe farlo ma….”

Capita spesso a molte persone di vivere questa situazione, anche in prima persona.
Di solito poi questa affermazione viene fatta seguire da una serie di frasi per giustificare il fatto che non si stava ancora facendo quella cosa ?

È capitato tante volte anche a me, prima di capire che tutte quelle affermazioni servivano solo a giustificare, A ME STESSO, il mio immobilismo. Eh si, perché parliamoci chiaro, a parte rari casi in cui effettivamente una persona ha delle problematiche che le rendono impossibile fare una cosa, nella restante maggior parte dei casi, gli unici che NON ci permettono di fare qualcosa siamo noi.
Spesso questo accade a livello inconscio, ovvero perché ne abbiamo paura o pensiamo di essere inadatti.

Tutta una serie di paradigmi e pensieri limitanti che non ci fanno assolutamente bene e ci impediscono di migliorarci.

Ma c’è una buona notizia, una volta che si sa come funziona, scalpellare via dalla mente questi pensieri limitanti è abbastanza facile.

Io ho trovato la mia soluzione qui, è un webinar gratuito dove si fa un po’ di chiarezza in più. in ogni caso sono informazioni utili quindi non c’è motivo per non farci un giro.