What’s Better? An Online Marketing Agency or Goods Trading Business?

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If you run an online marketing agency you can travel the world, but it will be without a goal and just for your own pleasure. On the other hand, if you have a trading business model you will have a reason to go and travel the world. You can meet and network many high level people.

Another disadvantage of the marketing agency is that you have to sit in front of the computer at the beginning in order to get your business running. Then you also have to put daily work and if you decide to go somewhere in the world, you have to stay and work in the hotel to keep the business running. Whereas, in the trading business, you can avoid all that and delight the beautiful environment and your vacation.

Trading business is much more appealing than any kind of freelancing business or digital marketing agency. You can get customer anywhere in the world, you can find a great number of product which you can ship internationally, you will be able to travel a lot and meet many interesting people.

Importance of Digital Marketing In Export Import Business || Paresh Solank || Online Exim Solution

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We are Specialized in HOW TO FIND BUYERS

Proven Online Marketing Tactic for 2019 & Top Mistakes Businesses Make

1) What you must do to get new clients 2) How to incentivise your team to retain customers
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– What marketing tactics you must use in 2019 and what to ignore.

– How to avoid common mistakes.

– And other practical tips you can implement today!


01:03 – The History and Key Offering of the Overdose Digital Company

04:01 – How This Company Got Westpac Business Award

06:55 – Specific Tactics to Retain the Clients

12:14 – The Trends That Gonna Be in Marketing in 2019

20:19 – Suggestions About Using Marketing Properly for Business Owners

27:19 – Do Not Run Ad Campaigns That Get a Commission on What They Spend

27:58 – Do Not View an Agency as Outsourcing

30:13 – Some Ways of Working With a Digital Agency

34:12 – How to Find the Unique Selling Point or the Difference That Give the Advantage


Todd is the Founder and Group CEO of Overdose, a fresh breed of Digital Commerce Agency that works in deeply interlinked partnerships with their Retail Clients.

Overdose has been going through some exceptional growth and now taking their business global.

The company has been recognised as Westpac Auckland’s Best Emerging Business of 2018.

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Max: Today we will talk about proven online marketing tactics for 2019, and top mistakes businesses make.

Our guest today is Todd Welling from Overdose Digital who is the Founder and Group CEO of Overdose, a fresh breed of Digital Commerce Agency that works in deeply entwined partnerships with their Retail Clients.

Overdose has been going through some exceptional growth and now taking their business to a global level. The company has been recognised as Westpac Auckland’s Best Emerging Business of 2018. Todd, would you like to add anything about yourself?

Todd: I am happy to give you a little bit of a history of Overdose. We founded the organisation by myself and Ryan back in about late 2016. Over the course of about two and a half years, we have grown out from the two of us as the founders to a team of around eighty-five guys.

Our teams are spread across about thirty guys in downtown Auckland. A big team is over to about thirty guys in Melbourne, and a small new team is up in Singapore. Then, we have a service centre in Ukraine.

So, our key offering is that we are a mid-market Digital Commerce Partnership, essentially what that means is we work with retailers who tend to retail online between one and twenty million dollars.

We work with them in a strategic partnership format through the entire life cycle of Digital commerce. We view our business as three key pillars: strategy, execution and activation.

Strategically I do a lot of my work with CEOs and Chairman’s, trying to understand what digital transformation means to the organisation, modelling digital into their business and how we incorporate digital into an omni-channel physical presence.

Then, that leads into the user experience design, platform, selection, integration, architecture and website builds. Off the back of that, we have been going into some really deep long-term relationships around search, performance marketing, social media, automation and AI.

Essentially the majority of our clients we are waiting is in one or two to five-year relationship there. And the focus is always on that long-term growth of the organisation. So, we go into 2019, and we have got some big growth prospects.

We have just joined a global alliance called Together Group based out of London. A couple of weeks I will fly out to London and New York, and we are opening offices there.

The intention being that is within the next year you will see Overdose growing from eighty man team to an over two hundred man team with a truly global presence.

We intend to stay in that same market niche, really servicing those high-growth mid-market retailers. We do not particularly have much ambition to go into the super big organisations.

We really enjoy working with those midsize organisations that still have the hustle, where people are passionate, there is not too much organisational structure and that is holding an organisation back.

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